Location Analytics

05 Aug
Location Intelligence Solutions by Lepton Software-min
Location Intelligence & Analytics – Why Businesses Need It?

What is Location Intelligence? Location Intelligence (LI) is the process of analyzing data with a location as a dominant factor. It allows the brands to explore simple yet important characteristics typical to a particular location. For decades now, businesses have utilized location as part of their research or analysis in its most rudimentary form. It...

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04 Mar
Impact of India's Geospatial Policy Perspective
Unleashing the power of maps – How India’s new Geospatial Policy can impact your business

Dr Rajeev Saraf, CEO, Lepton Software, India’s leading geospatial and location intelligence solution provider, shares his perspective on the current Geospatial sector policy The Geospatial sector's new guidelines in India released by the Ministry of Science and Technology are a welcoming update and a long pending one. If one were to recollect the draconian draft bill proposed by MHA in 2016, the new 2021 policy indeed is a sigh of relief as it now provides a legal umbrella for the Geospatial fraternity.

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09 Nov
Gain Your Market Insight
Gain Market Insights with Catchment & Competitive Analysis

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22 Apr
Point of interest
Point of interest – Is it really necessary for mapping?

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05 Apr
Business expansion
Business expansion with Location Intelligence

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03 Jan
Location Intelligence / MapInfo User Conference 2018 By Lepton Software & Pitney Bowes

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28 Jun
How NASA and the UN are using location intelligence to build smart cities in developing countries

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19 Apr
How search and rescue missions can be planned better due to location data

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30 Mar
How location-based technology helps in securing water borders

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28 Feb
How militaries rely on location analytics for surgical strikes

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