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MapInfo Pro

Visualize, Analyze, and make
informed decisions

A complete all-in-one solution to reveal essential customer 

relationships, patterns, and trends.

We are the master distributor for MapInfo Pro with proven experience and expertise in location intelligence and analytics. Zeroing on a location is a critical part of the overall success of your business, and is expensive to reverse. MapInfo Pro deploys location intelligence and analytics to offer real-time updates of location-centric scenarios. Using these insights, you can evaluate a potential location and make an informed decision to draw the crowds you need.

How can it help your business?

Complete GIS solution
  • An all-in-one solution with a plethora of features to visualize, analyze, and interpret location-based information.
  • Publish quality maps with robust data analysis and visual insights.
Builds a community
  • Be a part of a professional peer group of location analysts and experts to share ideas, tips, and tricks with the MapInfo Community.
  • Create, find & share ideas to guide the future development of MapInfo Pro.
Customized applications
  • Get bespoke solutions for specific business needs with customized applications available in the MapInfo Pro Marketplace.
  • Access custom features and added functionalities, and even download and share plugins using this platform.
Supports team collaboration
  • MapInfo Pro supports efficient collaboration between business experts, database experts, and developers to deliver business decision tools across the entire organization.
  • Allows location analysts to focus on special projects and create templates for others to empower data-driven decision-making.
Scalable features
  • MapInfo Pro expands as your team does. Get scalable features for bigger teams to use across the organization.
Mapinfo Pro Subscription
mapinfopro subscription
  • MapInfo Pro is now available as a cost-effective 1 and 3 year subscription option.
  • Access to features available in MapInfo Pro Advanced for raster grid files that are valuable to planners in the agriculture, oil and gas, and telecom industries.

Download MapInfo Pro

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