Visualize Earth in the Most
Immersive Way

Create high-precision 3D Maps in minutes 

Why You Need rfMap?

Access unrivalled digital-elevation datasets on a fast, cost-effective basis. Create 3D visualization, run simulations, and develop dynamic location-based experiences.

Use Cases

Where can rfMap be used

Make fast, informed decisions for undertakings
such as 4G/5G network planning, navigation, insurance risk mitigation, and smart city planning.


Capture detailed objects to build advanced datasets for highly precise 5G planning.


In-car reference for autonomous driving developments, realistic 3D environmental models or traffic scenarios.

Smart Cities

Create digital replicas of the urban realm. View an entire city information and click anywhere to zoom in unveil more data.


Plan better operations and gain real-time visualization of battle space. Build easy to use tactical analysis.


Minimize your network disruptions with high precision 3D Maps

Mapped 150 Countries. 2000 Cities


Our Trusted Customers

rfMap EDGE

Faster and Accurate High-quality Geographic Data at Significantly Reduced Cost
Customer Support

Customer Support

24*7 Excellent Technical Support available.


Includes any data set correction needed



Best value for your money
Quick TAT

Quick TAT

Largest provider of digital maps/geo data and delivered under a few weeks.


Integrates well with your current tech stack and data provided in more than 30 different formats.

Technology Expertise

Technology Expertise

Only GIS company that understands both wireless and wireline telecom technologies.

Video Section

Empowering enterprises and startups with comprehensible location data accuracy

Case Studies

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March 20, 2021

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