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Visualize Earth in the Most Immersive Way

Create high-precision 3D Maps in minutes

Refine your 4G/5G deployment with rfMAP

Access unrivalled digital-elevation datasets on a fast, cost-effective basis. Create 3D visualization, run simulations, and develop dynamic location-based experiences. Accelerate your 4G/5G network rollout with top-grade accuracy.

Make fast, informed decisions for undertakings

such as 4G/5G network planning, navigation, insurance risk mitigation,

and smart city planning.

Where can Digital maps be used?


Capture detailed objects to build advanced datasets for highly precise 5G planning.


In-car reference for autonomous driving developments, realistic 3D environmental models or traffic scenarios.

Smart Cities

Create digital replicas of the urban realm. View an entire city information and click anywhere to zoom in unveil more data.


Plan better operations and gain real-time visualization of battle space. Build easy to use tactical analysis.

Faster and more accurate

RF planning with significant cost savings.

Mapped 150 Countries. 2000 Cities.

Why choose rfMAP?


Authentic Geo-Data

Capture authentic earth representation with vegetation data in stacked polygon format.


Superior-quality maps

Superior-quality maps produced with high-resolution multi-stereo satellite imagery.


Highly Precise

Access precise data with sub-meter accuracy.


Intricate Visualization

Detailed representation of individual buildings in multi-polygon format.


Easily Compatible

Map Datasets that are compatible with all planning tools, drive test equipment, and GIS tools.


Better Data Analysis

3D maps provide rich data that can be analyzed to identify patterns, trends, and relationships in real-world environments.

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