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3D Map DataSets

Precise Building Footprint Polygons with Building Height Information in Vector Format. High resolution stereo imagery generated 3D Map dataset with 1m accuracy. Highly accurate 3D Map dataset at 1 meter resolution consisting of height for individual buildings, trees, elevated object like flyovers, metro route, bridges etc.

1. DTM – Digital Terrain Model
2. DSM – Digital Surface Model
3. 3D Building Database

3D GeoData-Data layers

Population Map

Highly accurate projected Population Dataset/Population Map sourced from local Census Agency.Plan network in highest revenue potential areas.Conduct marketing campaigns with customers closest to the network.


Stores data inclduing settlement & habitation, water bodies, green/forest, agricultural land and open area. Helps in network designing and planning by refining signal level predictions based on local clutter attenuation effects.

Road Vectors

Inlcudes road, rail, metro and water networks.Plan and improve network coverage along the roads.

Clutter Height

High-resolution Elevation Data with superior accuracy. Represents Buildings, Vegetation, Flyover, etc. in a raster format.


Provides a topographic model of the bare earth/ underlying terrain of the earth’s surface. Helps in Line-of-Sight analysis by determining potential obstructions to radio signals.

rfMap is a product by Lepton Software, a leader in geodata for wireless network planning & optimization used in the Telecom industry. Our USP is creating high precision RF geodata around 3D Maps, 2.5D maps, 2D Maps with multiple layers of Clutter, DTM, DSM, building footprint with Height & a wide range of solutions.

rfMap is a product by Lepton Softwarerfmap

The major goal is to help telecom companies to check feasibility & planning using high-quality rfMap which makes the process faster, accurate & reduce cost. Using a digital map to plan your radio frequency coverage will ensure that every subscriber can access your network in an area of interest.To ensure that you can easily plan your RF network, we provide the following map data to help optimize your network planning and optimization:

  1. DTM: Digital Terrain Model or height data provides a topographic model of the bare earth/ underlying terrain of the earth’s surface.
  2. Clutter Data: It stores information about the coverage of earth surface such as settlement & habitation, water bodies, agriculture land.This data simplifies the RF planning process by showing the distribution of urban and residential areas. Estimation of population density is important in allocating resources for optimal network coverage.
  3. Road Vectors: It contains all the road, rail, metro & water networks. Operators use this data to plan & improve the network coverage along the roads.
  4. Population Map: The population distribution & projection will be done considering the spread of settlements, local census & the growth rate.Based on population data, its density and average usage, base stations and other locations can be mapped on a 3D interface to minimize obstructions to your network’s signals
  5. 3D Map Dataset: Highly accurate Raster and Vector 3D Map dataset at 1-meter resolution consisting of height for individual buildings, trees, elevated objects.
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