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How search and rescue missions can be planned better due to location data

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Search and Rescue missions are mostly like finding needle in a haystack. The only difference being, haystack is extremely large in this case and it keeps increasing with each passing moment. In such situations, two things are extremely critical-time and area of search. The most advanced and experienced of the search and rescue teams, who regularly polish their skills via drills, cannot control these two factors which play against them.

Location-based digital data is the piece of technology which helps them not only narrow down the search area but also considerably decreases the response time needed. If the asset which needs to be searched and rescued has any sort of device which can be tracked, this data can be visually displayed over the map and helps the rescue team chalk out the quickest route for the operation. If the current location of the asset is untraceable, and last known location can be detected, depending upon the means of his locomotion and the time since the asset is missing, distance can be computed which reflects in the radius, forming a circle of all possible locations of the asset.

Also, the search and rescue team can co-ordinate better and sweep potential areas with effective personnel management to sweep the maximum area in minimum time through field force management which can happen through location-based software.

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