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Optimize Operations and unlock new
possibilities with Geospatial Intelligence.
Navigate your way to enhanced efficiencies, reduced costs, and overall
business success with Lepton's Geospatial Intelligence solutions.
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Network Smarter. Build Better.
Connect Deeper.
Optimize resource allocation, anticipate demand, and deliver seamless
connectivity that leaves customers satisfied, not just searching for bars.
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See beyond the map. Unleash the
power of Location Intelligence.
Discover location-based patterns, predict customer behavior across
regions, and enhance your business decision-making with
Lepton's location-based solutions and data.
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Partnership with Google Maps

Geospatial Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

We bridge the gap between geospatial expertise and industry know-how, empowering businesses with data-driven decisions. Our passionate team, armed with cutting-edge technology and partnerships with leaders like Google Maps and MapInfo Pro, crafts extraordinary products that solve real customer needs. We don’t just convert leads, we build ambassadors. By exceeding expectations and delivering delightful experiences, we ensure our customers’ success, which fuels our own growth. In a world driven by location, Lepton is your partner in navigating the future, one insight at a time.

Telecom Solutions

The PathFinder to your tomorrow’s customer needs


FTTx and Fiber Network Planning and Projections


Fiber/FTTx Network Inventory Management


Workforce Management for enhanced fieldforce efficiency


Digitized network feasibility checks for faster customer onboarding


Digital maps for wireless network planning & deployment


Geo-Analytics Tool Tailormade for Telcos

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Location-Intelligence Solutions

Get Location-Based Solutions Including Location Analytics, Business Expansion, and bring life to your business data.

Lepton Maps API

Sign Up for Your Free API Key or Explore Documentation.


The power of geospatial data at your fingertips


Revolutionize your business optimization and expansion strategy.

Bespoke Solutions

Get Real-Time Live Tracking Of Field Force Movement.

GIS Services

Elevate your projects with our comprehensive GIS services. Our tailored solutions bring precision and efficiency to your geospatial needs, ensuring seamless integration and accurate spatial insights.

remote sensing

Remote Sensing


LiDAR Data Processing

data conversion

Data Conversion



Cadastral/Parcel Mapping

Cadastral/Parcel Mapping

HD Maps Processing

HD Maps Processing

360-degree Video Survey

360-degree Video Survey

Location Intelligence for Better Business Decisions​

Location Intelligence adeptly delivered across industries. Store, Organize, Edit, Analyze, and Visualize Geo-spatial data to unearth actionable business insights

Case Studies

Discover how Lepton Software empowered businesses with cutting-edge geospatial solutions. Explore our case studies to witness firsthand the transformative impact of our innovative technologies, driving efficiency and success across diverse industries.


Lepton has been a Channel and Support Partner to Shiprocket.


BluSmart leverages Google Maps Platform geospatial data to boost app navigation system.

OYO Hotels

Providing the rich location details customers need to book a great stay, every time.


Partnering with Lepton Software (a leading global provider of location-based analytics solution).

Industries We Benefit

Empowering Businesses Across Industries To Scale New Heights


Predict peak demand, optimize coverage, and connect smarter with location intelligence.

FMCG & Retail

Optimize distribution, understand customer behavior, and choose the perfect store locations.


Forecast demand, plan dealerships, and track vehicles efficiently with location intelligence.

Govt. & Defense

Secure boundaries, enhance resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions for a safer nation.


Streamline last-mile deliveries, predict demand, and optimize routes with location intelligence

Restaurant & Food

Target delivery zones, gain customer insights, and optimize delivery routes with location intelligence.


Target customers, assess risk, and optimize branch networks with location insights. and expansion strategy.

Travel & Hospitality

Personalize customer experiences, optimize hotel and resort locations and predict travel trends.

Utilities & Smart Cities

Transforming cities and utilities with cutting-edge GIS solutions for optimal planning and management.

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