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How Location Intelligence Can Help Small and Medium sized Businesses Compete with Big Brands

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How Location Intelligence Can Help Small Businesses Compete with Big Brands. (1)

Do you know that there are over sixty-three million Small and Medium Enterprises in India, contributing roughly 30 percent of the total GDP, 40 percent of its manufacturing output, and 50 percent of its total exports?

By employing approximately 110 million workers, SMEs are the backbone of the Indian economy, holding significant importance across the country. 

But even after such contributions, they are still left behind when compared to big ventures. 

Wondering why? 

In this blog, we will find the answer to this question and showcase how we at Lepton Software help businesses solve it. 

We all know that starting a company is an enormous accomplishment for many entrepreneurs, but keeping one going is a massive struggle. Businesses encounter numerous obstacles. These include employing the appropriate people, creating a brand, growing a client base, and so on. But the most critical factors are choosing the right location for the company, targeting the right individuals, and finding a competitive advantage. And this is only possible if they incorporate location data into their business strategy. 

According to a study, 90% of large businesses think that location intelligence is critical to their performance. They employ location intelligence through geographic data and spatial analysis, which provides awareness, insight, decision-making, and forecast.

Why location intelligence? 

Critical metrics and key performance indicators are used in location analytics to provide precise insight into how a company is operating. Combining suitable data (e.g., retail sales) with location information (e.g, addresses, postal codes) can result in visualization methods such as heat mapping to find areas in real-time and provide visible Location-based insights that spreadsheets and tables may not provide. In a specific geographic region, are you overpaying or underspending? Today, interactive real-time maps are commonly used to spot connections and trends in data at various geographic lenses ranging from a national perspective to trade regions encircling a shop or service location.

Here are some ways location intelligence can help:

  • Targeting the right audience: Location data can assist small companies in determining an area’s demographics and targeting the right audience for their goods or services.
  • Identifying high-traffic areas: Small companies can identify high-traffic areas by analyzing foot traffic statistics and choosing a spot that is more likely to draw clients.
  • Competitor analysis: Location intelligence can assist small companies in understanding their competitors and making informed choices about how to fight.
  • Cost Analysis: Location intelligence can assist small companies in analyzing the costs of renting or buying property in various areas and making informed choices about where to place their company.

Presenting Lepton Software’s Location Intelligence Solutions 

  • SmartMarket 

The one-stop solution to all your business expansion needs. By intelligently enriching your current and new store strategies, SmartMarket delivers actionable insights to help scale up your corporation. 

With the help of this location intelligence software, you can envision your coordinates on the base map with boundaries including state, district, city, locality, sub-locality, pin-code, and grid. View the presence of your competitors and get profiling of locations based on your business’s relevant data parameters, and visualize the most critical new sites for your business. 

  • SmartData (DaaS)

A location solution that your company has been losing out on since its inception. Our SmartData or location data offers a variety of datasets such as landmarks, POIs, demographics, and lifestyle data, as well as family profiles, pincode borders with information, road network maps, and so on. 

With this, you can also discover data solutions such as toll and infrastructure data. Gain insights on +1400 toll plazas across India and learn about critical insights on all stages of an infrastructure project. 

  • Google Maps Platform (Premium Partner)

Google Maps Platform is not a want, it is a need for business growth. With their end-to-end customizable industry-specific solutions you can transform your small business and compete with big brands easily. 

You can assist customers in locating and visiting the closest store, ATM, eatery, car shop, medical office, and other facilities. Enhance user experience, streamline processes, and enjoy the delightful experience of data visualizations on maps. 

With their flexible plans, you can stay on budget and avoid unexpected costs.

  • Google Maps – Earth Engine 

The commercially accessible Google Earth Engine combines a multi-petabyte catalog of satellite images and geographical information with planetary-scale analysis capabilities. In addition, it also provides APIs and other tools to enable large spatial dataset analysis.

  • SmartTrack 

SmartTrack, a location intelligence tool by Lepton Software is an online application for administrators and mobile apps available on-premise and in the cloud. It is designed for field force monitoring and includes a Google Maps UI to help you improve business productivity and lower costs.

It has a web application (both on-premise and in the cloud) for administrators that handle beat plan distribution to field force, live monitoring of field force, dynamic task allocation, geofencing & delay warnings, beat plan adherence, and reports. Whereas a field force smartphone application primarily allows you to manage beat plan visualization, the optimized path to store/location, store check-in, and geotagging. SmartTrack can assist you in planning the paths of your field personnel.


Change the game and scale up your small or mid-sized business and compete with big brands with ease.

You now understand that location intelligence is critical to your small business’s success. Young brands can identify the most suitable location for their store, understand their target audience, and compete successfully with other businesses in the area by analyzing location data and using it to make smart choices. They can increase their visibility, draw more clients, and eventually achieve increased success with location intelligence.

Lepton Software ensures your business success and helps boost your revenue. Our location intelligence solutions can help you gain that competitive edge that you desired for your business for a while with our flexible pricing. 

To know more attend our location intelligence webinar on “Navigating the Future with Location Intelligence: Insights, Innovations, and Inspiration” on 25th April at 11:00 AM IST

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how you can change the future of your business with Location-based intelligence

See you there! 

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