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Ultimate Solution for Elaborate
FTTX and Fiber Network Planning

Transform Your Fiber and FTTx Network Planning with Precision.

Automatic Planning, Mobile-based Planning, Manual Planning – The Tool Does it All!

Revolutionize your approach to Fiber and FTTx Network Planning with unparalleled precision. SmartPlanner empowers you to seamlessly integrate automatic, mobile-based, and manual planning, ensuring a transformative and efficient planning experience for your projects

Why Transform Fiber and FTTx Planning?

Complex Infrastructure Deployment:

Fiber network design demands intricate decisions on routing, equipment placement, and integration.

Geographical Variability

Unique challenges arise in different terrains, requiring diverse approaches for seamless coverage.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating complex regulations and permits can slow planning.

Resource Allocation

Efficiently allocate labor, equipment, and materials considering capacity, demand, and growth.

Effortlessly Tackle the Following Questions About Your Fiber and FTTx Network Planning

Where to build a fiber network?

How much time does it take to
plan the network for an area?

How much will it cost?

Key Features

Strategic Planning:

Get forecasts for revenue and profits, a basic network plan, a detailed cost breakdown, and accurate revenue calculations.

Initial Design

Apply the design rules of the customer and process initial design

Fine Tune Design Module

Know where exactly to install the network entities.

Detailed Design Module:

Define Feeder Service Area (FSA), Distribution Service Area (DSA), and Customer Service Area (CSA) with ease. Calculate Fiber link Budget based on guidelines

Master your FTTx and Fiber Planning with SmartPlanner by NetworkAccess, a cutting-edge geo-suite designed exclusively for ISPs and CSPs, delivering the speed and agility your telecom operations demand.

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