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Maximize Your Network Investment Returns with Location Intelligence

Discover the untapped potential of Location Intelligence.

Our advanced GIS-solutions are designed to empower telcos
with increased sales, reduced risks, and strategic insights
into high-growth revenue areas.

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Lepton offers highly effective tools to streamline the planning, designing, maintenance, and documentation processes for the entire network infrastructure.


Plan, Organize, and Proliferate the Value of Your Fiber Network Assets


Visualize Earth in the Most Immersive Way with Digital Maps


Put an End to Telco Data Silos and Gain Actionable Insights

NetworkAccess - End to End Fiber Lifecycle Management

A telco geo-suite to plan and design wireline and wireless network using a unified platform with customer service qualification check and workforce management.



Future-Proof Your Fiber/FTTx Network With GIS Excellence


Transforming Network Feasibility for Telecoms


Maximize Productivity of Your Network Field Crew

rfMAP - RF Planning Software for Telecom

Make fast, informed decisions for undertakings such as 4G/5G network planning, navigation, insurance risk mitigation, and smart city planning.


To help telecoms check feasibility and boost planning for network expansion.


High-quality geographic data for wireless telecom networks.


Faster and More Accurate Rf Planning and Significant Cost Savings.

neo360 - Geospatial Analytics Platform for Telcos

Identify critical user patterns by connecting the dots of “why” and “how” with neo360. Address the Geo-Analytics needs of your business and network functions within your organization.

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