With the power of Location Intelligence, Unveil ways to
Maximize Return
on Network Investment
Our Telecom solutions empower companies with increased sales,
decreased risk and aids in finding where network investment
will bring high growth revenue

Location Intelligence and GIS Solution for Telecom

Lepton supports telecom industry with its
effective solutions that are capable enough to efficiently plan, design, maintain, and document the complete planning and inventory of a network.

Smart Inventory

Optimize your business expansion &
presence based on Location Rankings, Comparative Analysis between Locations, Competitor’s Location Analysis and other features.
Update Inventory

Update Inventory

Create, visualize and update Inventory from any time anywhere.

Network View

Network View

Provides a consistent network view to support decision making and business planning.



Can be integrated with an enterprise’s existing OSS/BSS system.

Network Monitoring


Provides in-depth knowledge of network areas to make managers and sales representatives identify areas under their charge.

Real-time view

Real Time

Provides Real-time view of the utilization of telecom assets.

Plan Predictive Maintenance

Plan Preventive Maintenance

Monitor and visualize location-based preventive maintenance schedule.

Smart Feasibity

Efficiently track, manage & communicate
with your field force while be able to take remote attendance, share job details, take reports, etc.
Centralized Bulk Feasibility Visualization

Centralized Bulk Feasibility Visualization

Centralized bulk feasibility visualization.

View Asset Utilization

View Asset

Generate fiber & copper utilization reports with a unified map view.

Quick Feasibility Check

Quick Feasibility

Search addresses and check feasibility quickly for enterprises or residential customers.

Smart Planning

Facilitate your users to conveniently reach
your ATMs /Branches while capturing Business Intelligence Data.
Predictive Planning


Make better decisions by identifying trouble spots and visualizing network scenarios.

Monitor Network

Monitor Network

Gain a better understanding of network areas, so that each manager and sales rep. can identify areas under their charge.

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Improve Regulatory

Easily analyze and share necessary regulatory requirement information with governing agencies.

Location Analytics

Optimize your business expansion & retail
presence based on location rankings, comparative analysis between locations, competitor’s location analysis, and other features.
Find New Customers

Find New

Improve sales and profitability through effective target marketing data and analytics.

Identify Market Growth

Identify Market

Find new market opportunities based on coverage area and customer feedback.

Improve Marketing Strategy

Improve Marketing Strategy

Perform statistical and marketing analysis to determine the effectiveness of current campaigns.

Field Force Management / Tracking

Our solutions help in estimating exact
figures through precision data.
Manage Fleet


Track/Manage field force with Google Maps using GPS-enabled devices.

Job Scheduling


Get predictive travel time and assign tasks/jobs based on proximity.

Improve Maintenance & Repair

Improve Maintenance and Repair

Locate all equipment and technicians in real time with faster results and easy data sharing.

Store Locator

Make the claims process smoother, faster
& hassle-free both for your customer & for internal resources.
Customer Convenience


Helps navigate customers to nearest business locations.

Plan & Store Network Expansion

Plan Store Network Expansion

Use customer search data and perform gap analysis to plan new branches.

Customer Feedback


Heatmap of customer feedback across different stores can be generated and visualized on interactive map.

data products

Detailed Maps of various Pin Codes,
Landmark Maps, Demographic Data Maps and various other solutions which suit your needs.
Fast RF Planning

Faster RF

Use high quality RF Maps for wireless network planning, RF planning & network optimization.

Accentuate Your Location Data

Accentuate Your Location Data

Enhance your location-insights via required data products.

Business Monitoring

Business Monitoring & Expansion Planning

Plan business expansion with demography data, lifestyle data, affluence data etc.

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