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How militaries rely on location analytics for surgical strikes

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In earlier times, war was a very straightforward engagement. The entities would come face to face and the battle would ensue. With advancements in technology, a major portion of the war started happening beyond the stretches of physical sight.

All out face to face battles in a field does not happen. They are more precise. This has to lead to reconnaissance and intelligence gathering to be a key factor in winning the war.

Location Analytics play a major role in acquiring critical information required to plan and execute battle missions. A few essential applications of location intelligence are as follows:

  • Terrain Mapping: It allows the military to map the terrain of operation even before a single step is put on it; as knowing the terrain of operation, routes, infiltration and exfiltration points, etc. allows the team to train & is important for the success of the mission.
  • Construction Analysis: This allows the military to keep an eye on key locations in which they feel enemy will try to increase its footprint; be it in finding a secret nuclear launch base or a regiment hide-out.
  • Movement Mapping: The footprints, tire marks, etc can be tracked to gauge the direction of movement and the size of the troops being moved.

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