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Government & Defense

Improve Emergency Management, Public Safety & manage
Public Health
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Location Intelligence Solution for Government & Defense

Lepton helps Government & Defense
organizations with various GIS solutions to improve public engagement, support emergency management, data governance for better policy management & home land security, etc.

Improve Emergency Management

Improve Situational Awareness

Improve Situational Awareness

View emergency information on a map to support decision-making during critical operations.

Simplified Sharing


Share maps with data from different agencies with all emergency response teams.

Easily Navigate Data

Easily Navigate

User-friendly tools to view, edit and share GIS data.

Better public safety

Coordinate Operations


Combine location data into a single shared map to coordinate operations, optimise resources and make rapid decisions.

Analyse Crime


Implement intelligent policing strategies with tactical, strategic and administrative data.

Understand Vulnerabilities

Understand Vulnerabilities

Integrate and analyze data from IoT to uncover hidden vulnerabilities.

Efficient Municipal Utilities

Network Planning


Deploy new pipelines or modernize your grid combining data from different public works agencies into a single map.

Optimise Resources


Efficiently coordinate public works agencies and resources through location-sharing and dispatch tools.

Improve Public Services

Improve Public

Publish location-based mapping data online for easy public access and improved public services.

Manage Public Health

Locate Health Facilities

Locate Health

Use location data to understand your community and locate best health facilities.

Transform Community Health

Transform Community

Analyse geographic data to manage pandemics and prevent chronic disease.

Reduce Training


View, edit and share GIS data through a familiar visual interface that allows public health agencies to prepare and respond to public health problems.

data products

Accentuate Your Location Data

Accentuate Your Location Data

Enhance your Location-insights via specific products which give you layered and precise information.

Expansion Planning


Plan business expansion with demography data, lifestyle data, affluence data etc.

Business Performance vs Demography Data

Business Performance vs Demography Data

Correlate business performance, income level, gender, age group, literacy etc.

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