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Is Location Intelligence part
of your growth strategy?
Solve tomorrow’s customer needs today with Lepton + GMAP

How can you leverage Google Maps Platform

Focus on building innovative products that matter while we take care of
your Google Map integration.
Unlock Customer Smiles. 

Google Map Platform for Operations Streamlining

Improve Planning, Productivity & Optimization

Use Cases

Why do you need Lepton Google Map Service


The only Location Intelligence expert Partner.


Oldest and Largest Google Map Partner in India.


Google uses Lepton’s Map Data for its various product updates like traffic/road closures.


Winner of 2021 best partner award by Jubilant Network.


Build Lepton powered solutions like ATM locator, field force tracking solution, market analysis tools.


Handles implementation for Retail, Logistics, BFSI, Transport, Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate.


Enjoy a hassle-free Google Map integration
experience at a much better price, pay-as-you-go model.
Massive savings Upto 70% on Google Maps bills
Our Trusted Customers

Lepton SmartMarket

Powered by Google cloud and maps

Make data-driven decisions for business expansion, performance analysis and revenue optimization.
Store Planning

Store Planning

Decide your store’s next location using various insightful demographic parameters.
Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaigns

Run relevant personalized campaigns using Geofencing and Geotargeting techniques.
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Assess location-based disruptors such as weather, terrorist attacks or fraudulence that impacts business.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Using historical business/sales datasets, ML algorithms can be used to predict future sales at store-level.

Product Mix

Product Mix

Store-wise identification of fast moving products and maintaining optimal inventory.

Supply Chain Design

Supply Chain Design

Enhance supply chain analyses, unearth customer interests by understanding where the demand is based on market trends.

Video Section

Empowering enterprises and startups with comprehensible location data accuracy

Case Studies

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March 20, 2021

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