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The Telco Geo-Suite to plan and design
wireline and wireless network

Unified platform with customer service qualification
check and workforce management.

NetworkAccess - Fiber Network Planning Tool

Fiber network planning and management is becoming a challenging task every day. The complexity of data that businesses need to sync and analyze is progressively increasing.

NetworkAccess by Lepton Software offers Fiber Network software solutions beyond the traditional boundaries of location intelligence. Fully digitalize your ‘Order to Cash’ and ‘Fault to Repair’ cycles and take 100% control of your Fibre Networks.

Assisting you throughout the Fiber Network Lifecycle using four basic pillars

FTTX and fiber network planning

1. SmartPlanner

Revolutionize your FTTX and fiber network planning with the ultimate solution. Elevate your fiber and FTTx network planning precision to new heights. Whether it’s automatic planning, mobile-based planning, or manual planning, our versatile tool excels in all aspects. Experience a transformative approach that streamlines your network planning process like never before. Unleash the power of precision with our comprehensive solution.

2. SmartInventory

Effortlessly navigate your network’s entire lifecycle with our comprehensive solution. From strategic planning to seamless organization, efficient proliferation, and ongoing management—experience the perfect blend of reliability and flexibility. Our GIS-based Fiber/FTTx Network Inventory Management is tailored for Telcos, offering a cutting-edge advantage. Simplify your network lifecycle and stay one step ahead in the dynamic world of telecommunications.


3. SmartOps

SmartOperations: Telecom Workforce Management for Operational Excellence. This cutting-edge solution is meticulously designed to empower efficiency and productivity within your telecom organization. Elevate your workforce management to new heights with precision and innovation.

4. SmartSQ

Enter the era of SmartServiceQualification, revolutionizing network feasibility for Telecoms. Optimize operational efficiency, catalyze digital transformation, and elevate customer experience with our transformative solution.

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With NetworkAccess

Deliver Bigger & Better

Maintain network records with high accuracy and consistency for better integration and coordination. Increase the effectiveness of your network data.

Streamline workflows

Automate to remove all operational inefficiencies and shorten your sales cycle. Avoid SLA breaches and significantly bring down your network downtimes.

Plan Smart

Hand over the network design to contractors and effectively track the build progress. Build efficiently with NetworkAccess.

Use Cases

How NetworkAccess empowers your team

New Areas

Assess the market potential of the new area with automatic planning for a greenfield or brownfield rollout.

Plan Smartly,
Build Efficiently

Handover the Network Design to contractors and effectively track the build progress.

Capture Field

Keep the Network data up-to-date by capturing the changes made in field and eliminate discrepancies, by using Mobile App for field engineers.


Do proactive network augmentation and enhancements by closely monitoring Network Capacity and load.

Smarter Service

Qualify customer leads quickly and accurately, by performing feasibility to provide the requested services, by
means of Wireline and Wireless network resources available.

Mobilize Field Force Smartly

Greatly improve Operational SLAs by efficiently allocating the field crew for a rapid response to incidents. Proactive patrolling for maintenance and faster MTTR and operations.

Why Lepton?

25 years of Telecom Domain +

Geospatial Technical Expertise

Data Expertise

Data Expertise

Manage both Fibre and RF Data
Multi-technology Support

Multi-technology Support

National Long Distance, Intra-City, FTTX and Wireless Networks

User-friendly Web Browser Interface

User-friendly web interface

Create network and update functions with robust reports and easy-to-use dashboards


Integrated Mobile App

Fully Integrated Mobile App

Get real-time field updates synced with the network planning process

Feature Rich Product

Feature-Rich Product

800+ features to support a complex inventory management system


Cloud-based platform to manage planning, feasibility, inventory, and reporting.

Multiple Networks. One Platform.


Telecom Service Qualification

Challenges, Best Practices, and Lepton’s approach to effectively qualify broadband service leads & optimize the ‘Lead to Cash’ cycle.

Whitepaper Telecom Service Qualification
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SmartInventory by NetworkAccess: The game-changer for fiber network management