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Facilitate data-driven
Decision Making

Revolutionize your business optimization
and expansion strategy.

Expand your business harmoniously by rationalizing your new and existing store strategy. This solution will enable you to visualize your digital footprint across the country and fill in the gaps if any.

SmartMarket Key Features

Identify Potential Locations

Identify Potential Locations

Helps with business expansion by providing data required to identify potential locations.

Combine Different Datasets

Combine Different Datasets

Combinies demographic, business, lifestyle, spending, and census data with map-based analytics.

Demographic data


Leverage the demographic break-up.

Make Business Decisions

Make Business Decisions

Analyze footfall at any place to make business decisions.

Determine Spending Capability

Determine Spending Capability

Find out the spending capability of people in the designated area.

Analyse Marketplace


Analyze marketplaces to see where to expand or reduce.

SmartMarket DataSets



  • Population, Household Count, Working Population, Gender Split.
  • Data projected for current year.
  • Village level for rural and defined blocks for urban.
  • Administrative Boundaries with demographic data.
Points of Interests

Points of Interests

  • Millions of POIs (Points of Interests) including Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Educational Services etc.
  • Categories can be tailor-made according to business.
  • Data collected and reinforced through periodic ground survey.


  • Identify mobile handsets people are using.
  • Find international roamers.
  • Track mobile data people are consuming.
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