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SmartMarket Key Features

Helps with business expansion by providing data required to identify potential locations.

Combinies demographic, business, lifestyle, spending, and census data with map-based analytics.

Leverage the demographic break-up.

Analyze footfall at any place to make business decisions.

Find out the spending capability of people in the designated area.

Analyze marketplaces to see where to expand or reduce.

SmartMarket DataSets

  • Population, Household Count, Working Population, Gender Split.
  • Data projected for current year.
  • Village level for rural and defined blocks for urban.
  • Administrative Boundaries with demographic data.
Points of Interests (POIs)
  • Millions of POIs including Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Educational Services etc.
  • Categories can be tailor-made according to business.
  • Data collected and reinforced through periodic ground survey.
  • Identify mobile handsets people are using.
  • Find international roamers.
  • Track mobile data people are consuming.

SmartMarket, a product of Lepton Software, is a Map-centric location/business intelligence platform to facilitate scientifically informed decision making for Business Expansion, Performance Analysis & Operations Optimization with Data, Analysis & Visualization.

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It helps you Identify area-wise potential through data points and sharpened analytics, build models to predict sales in predefined areas, enable you to review current business with potential using data points related to Lifestyle, POIs, Demography, Income segmentation along with third-party data and client data. This software helps to analyse demographic, location intelligence, location insights, helps to understand the customer profile better.

Use the included market data and add in-house data along with more than 130 parameters to choose from. Analyze the data to find the right locations with target consumers in the vicinity, do comparative area analysis to rank locations, geocode your addresses, use Artificial Intelligence to predict trends, discover clusters, optimize your presence and much more. Visualize your business data in new ways.
SmartMarket broad level use cases are around planning & optimization of Store, Marketing campaign Sales forecasting, Risk assessment, Product mix, Supply chain network design, Gap analysis, Territory management and more.It’s data visualization tools helps to rank the locations and compare them with each other against business defined parameters and also to understand the catchment areas specific to the business potential.Also,it has an exciting feature to create multiple sessions across different users for later analysis and comparing results with existing business locations to understand more about location intelligence & location insights.

Top management will have a scientific way to objective decision making for the following problems:

  • Right Location based on catchment analysis – Find locations with your target consumers in the vicinity using behavioral data to enrich decisions.
  • Artificial Intelligence to Increase Revenue – Understand local markets and user spending behavior to predict potential using analytics and machine learning. Find the sites with maximum potential with future predictions.
  • Comparative area analysis – Identify area best fit for business expansion based on your target market segment. Statistically analyze against each catchment area using various relevant data like demographic presence, economic activity, etc. and present various what-if scenarios.
  • Optimize Your Presence – Identify competition in areas and potential to optimize locations in the target market. Devise smarter sales territories that minimize cannibalization.
  • Visualize Business Data in New Ways – Understand where to expand or consolidate via high-quality maps of store locations, customers, and competitors.
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