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Plan , Create and Proliferate the value
of your fiber network assets

Experience the perfect blend of reliability and flexibility with our
ultimate GIS-based Fiber/FTTx Network Inventory Management
for Telcos.

Simplify your entire end-to-end network lifecycle. Stay one step ahead!

Elevate your inventory management to new heights with SmartInventory by Lepton Software. This advanced solution offers real-time tracking, intelligent reporting, and seamless control, ensuring precision and efficiency in managing your assets. Explore SmartInventory to streamline your business operations and gain comprehensive insights into your inventory like never before.”

Future-Proof Your Fiber/FTTx Network With GIS Excellence

True Digital Twin

Virtual replica of physical network assets. Model everything related to fiber network inventory.

Unified Network View

Get a holistic view of your end-to-end network lifecycle. Identify issues quickly and take proactive measures to prevent downtime.

On-The-Go Access

Mobile App for field users to update & manage network data on-the-fly. Allow Network Data Creation, Edit, Deletion, Data Upload, Field Survey, & Fault Restoration.

Experience the Power of GIS

Step into the future of fiber network rollout with SmartInventory, from NetworkAccess – a robust geo-suite – exclusively for ISPs and CSPs.

It’s time to embrace the speed and agility your telecom operations demand.

SmartInventory Key Features for Streamlining Your Fiber Network​

Admin features

View User
Add Vendor Specification
BOM Settings
Link Budget Settings

Map Features

Google Search
Direction & Ruler
Measure Distance

ISP & OSP Planning

Wireline Tools
Manual Splicing
Connection Pathfinder
Bulk Operation


Export Splicing
Export Report
BOM/BOQ Report

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SmartInventory by NetworkAccess: The game-changer for fiber network management