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Business expansion with Location Intelligence

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Location Intelligence has been with us since the beginning but it was termed about more than 40 years ago. It has picked up the buzz almost everywhere in the last decade due to the ubiquitous nature of smartphone. In this mobile age, we receive detailed insight about the potential market and customers which we couldn’t even think of earlier. It plays a vital role in case of business planning, expansion and optimization.

Business expansion with Location Intelligence

Everyone is building their solution around Location Intelligence or incorporating it into their existing offerings. Power of Location Intelligence can not only help you with expansion but infact, it will help you plan and optimize your business as well.

Another revolution which is being witnessed in this era is Digital presence. In this digital era, when everything is online digital intelligence is gaining new significance.

Today, if you are not online then most likely you will not succeed. Even if you are in a business which may not require digital presence at the moment but still you need to there. It is important to be present online for other stakeholders like government, investors and most importantly, the future of business.

Now, with being everything online you need to have strong business insights or in other words, Digital intelligence. In any business, more than 70% of data is location-based and can be mapped which means location intelligence will play a major role as a subset of Digital Intelligence to help you make better business decisions.

Lepton has been a pioneer in bringing digital maps in India. They have all the solutions and services around “location”. Location Intelligence is in the DNA of Lepton with more than 25 years of experience in Location Analytics, Map Data and Geospatial consulting practice across multiple business verticals.

They are the oldest and largest Google Maps premier partner in India for more than 10 years. They are also partnered with Pitney Bowes for their product MapInfo which is the world’s premier desktop GIS (Geographic Information System) & GIS mapping application for more than 15 years.

Lepton has helped more than 500 companies since its inception with their map-based offerings like SmartTrack which Track, manage & optimize your workforce performance, reduce operational costs and increase revenue. SmartLocator to map the nearest store, analyze visitor data & plan your next store. SmartData which offers you more than 130 Map data parameters like pin code data, boundary data and much more to help you take strategic business decisions.

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