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Point of interest – Is it really necessary for mapping?

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Point of interest  is a data-set containing GPS coordinates that represents important locations in navigation application.It is quick, easy & accurate way  to populate the mapping project with important places of features, buildings and landmarks. Some examples like speed-cams, accommodation locations, restaurants, petrol stations, parking lots, wifi hotspots, attractions, etc. best describe the POI.

Ultimately applications may handle other data like detailed description, working hours, contacts & even photos too.POI data supports a range of applications including digital mapping enhanced routing products and validation of databases. On the other hand, there are websites that focus more on collection, authentication & management of POIs which users can see on their devices.

Advantage of POI Mapping in several ways:

  • When you are travelling to an unfamiliar route, you can use POI as your destination.
  • Your navigation system becomes easier provides
  • It helps to generate statistics of data.
  • It is a combination of spatial and non-spatial data that helps to capture pictures and collation of attributes of related asset like name and address.

A  POI has multiple attributes, that provide valuable information about a place. This information helps users make decisions and plan activities as per their needs. We can observe and analyze as well that navigation services have  grown tremendously in the last decade and many organizations have understood its importance as well.One if he ways in which businesses have understood it importance is that way they interact with their customers by reaching out to them through maps. Companies have already begun building their own maps and provide value add to their customer base. Further, technologies such as remote sensing and high definition cameras are some major developments that are improving spatial data and are helping both businesses and map users.Every map building company tries to enhance its map data on the basis of street map, address,area of interest, base map but two important factors play a critical role in any navigation service i.e address point and point of interest as a source and destination to navigate from one place to another. Hence, the actual search starts from POI.

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