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Optimize Operational Efficiency. Catalyze Digital Transformation.
Customer Experience. 

SmartSQ: Redefining Telecom Feasibility with Digital Precision

Explore SmartServiceQualification by Lepton Software, the game-changer in Telecom network feasibility. Optimize operational efficiency, catalyze digital transformation, and enhance customer experiences. Unlock the future of Telecom services with SmartServiceQualification’s precision and innovation.

Check the Feasibility of Onboarding new Subscribers to your network.

Check the feasibility of adding a wireless or wireline customer by eliminating tedious field surveys with SmartSQ. Leverage Lepton’s 3D Digital Maps and Line-Of-Sight Checks to evaluate network feasibility instantly and accurately.

Access a Variety of Feasibility Categories

FTTx Feasibility

FTTx Feasibility

Enterprise Wireline Feasibility

Enterprise Wireline Feasibility

Enterprise Wireless Feasibility

Enterprise Wireless Feasibility

On the spot/Ultrafast Feasibility

On the spot/Ultrafast Feasibility

Integrated Feasibility

End-to-End Feasibility

SmartSQ Capabilities

Auto Geo-Coding

auto geo coding

Automated Conversion of Address in to LAT-LONG.

LOS Checks

Precise and accurate Line of Sight Checks with 3D maps

Precise and accurate Line of Sight Checks with Lepton's 3D maps.

Integrated Feasibility

Integrated Feasibility

End-to-end feasibility on a single platform.

Analytics & Reports


Host of analytics for higher conversion rate and business Insights.

Screen potential service prospects.
Streamline the process from lead generation to revenue generation.

End-to-End Automation on Mobile + Web Application
Centralized Bulk Feasibility Visualization
Quick On-The-Fly Feasibility Check
Accurate feasibility results with 3D Maps
View Asset Utilization

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