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Telecom Workforce Management
for Operational Excellence

A cutting-edge workforce management solution meticulously designed
to empower efficiency and productivity within your telecom organization.

SmartOps: Transforming Business Operations with Intelligent Precision

Explore SmartOps by Lepton Software for a comprehensive solution in intelligent operations management. Optimize resource allocation, automate workflows, and leverage real-time analytics for peak operational efficiency. Elevate your business processes with SmartOps, integrating cutting-edge technology to transform your operations seamlessly.

Workforce Management Challenges Faced by Telcos

Puzzle of Complexity

  • Juggling diverse skill sets and availability
  • Finding the perfect fit for every task
  • workforce challenges for telecom

    Remote Work Maze

  • Location-tracking of outsourced network crew
  • Managing dispersed teams across regions
  • workforce challenges for telecom

    The Revolving Door

  • Constant recruitment and training efforts
  • High attrition rates disrupting BAU
  • End-To-End Field Operations Powered by SmartOPS

    Field Survey

    Capturing Demand Points and Optimizing Networks

    Field Force Management

    Orchestrating Operational Excellence

    Service Assurance

    Unveiling Preventive Maintenance and Fault Rectification

    Service Fulfilment

    Installation & Configuration, Seamless Service Delivery

    End-to-End Work Order Management

    Ticket Creation from OSS/BSS

    Appointment Request with Customer’s Preferred Date and Time.

    Work Order Assignment

    Task Assignment to field crew using WFM web app basis different business rules.

    Work Order Acknowledgement

    User can access work order details on mobile device on the go. Keep them notified from anywhere.

    Task Closure

    Root-cause analysis, upload photo and material consumed. Stay on track with the progress of assigned tasks.

    Location Management of Field Crew

    GPS Tracking

    With in-built GPS tracking, know exactly where your network crew is, at any given moment.

    Stay in sync with their progress, anticipate potential bottlenecks, and strategize with precision. This real-time insight isn’t just about tracking dots on a screen; it’s about having your finger on the pulse of progress.

    Location Management of Field Crew
    Location Management of Field Crew 2

    Optimize field operations by assigning the nearest network crew to customers location. 

    Create virtual boundaries for automated actions when devices enter or exit specific areas.

    GPS Tracking 1
    GPS Tracking

    Compare the Planned vs Actual travelled path on map along with distance traveled by the crew.

    • Real-Time Visibility to track the precise movement of your field crews
    • Detect deviations between planned and actual routes
    • Accurately measure the distance traveled by your crew, facilitating precise mileage calculations for billing, reimbursements, and performance evaluation. 
    Location Management of Field Crew - SmartOps

    Automate task assignment and service delivery to field teams based on:

    • Rosters
    • User Roles
    • Geofencing – Assigned Region / Province Boundaries
    • FE skillset
    Task Manager

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