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Field force tracking with SmartTrack

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Any company’s capacity for development and expansion is largely determined by its sales and service team, which includes the field sales force and service executives. 

In the beginning keeping track of the field team’s activities is quite challenging. When your field team departs for the day, you have no idea what is going on outside your office. How can you supervise field personnel’s activities if you are not present? How do you ensure that client meetings are completed on time? How do you ultimately assess performance?

The apparent answer to these problems is field force management software. Any company that relies on a field force would appreciate digital technology since it keeps sales and service personnel linked and under surveillance, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Due to the ability to manage, track, control, monitor, and streamline your field force’s workflow, field force management applications have become vital in today’s world.

What are the benefits of field force management applications?

  • Real-Time Live Tracking Of Field Force Movement

One of the most noteworthy benefits of the field force management application is the real-time live tracking of field personnel. You can use the app to keep track of your team’s actions without having to worry about anything. In addition, remote tracking allows businesses to monitor the performance of their field staff.

The field force management tool usually employs live monitoring to record staff travels and the clients they visit. The app’s real-time tracking provides a bird’s-eye view of the employee’s performance. You can gain frequent insight into your employee’s performance and, as a result, make strategic adjustments in response.

  • Increased Productivity Of The Field Force

Field force management software correctly records an employee’s working time and progress to hold them accountable. This boosts field staff productivity while also cultivating a trustworthy workforce. The big advantage of field force management is how much it increases efficiency. Field employees should preferably be self-motivated and disciplined to focus on the duties allocated to them.

  • Enhanced Efficiency And Flexibility

As a manager, you can use the field force management app to monitor where your field staff is and what they are doing in real time. This means that if any problems arise among the personnel, they can be controlled and resolved swiftly. As a consequence, your field staff becomes considerably more productive since the app allows them to respond quickly to the demands of their customers rather than taking too long to accomplish field service activities.

  • Effective Tracking Of Field Force Work Hours

Field force management software is a program that tracks the working hours of field staff. It facilitates the tracking of employee’s working hours and offers data on how much time was spent on various activities, projects, and clients. The field force management software, in general, tracks field force time spent on specified activities and is used to automate payroll procedures or customer billing.

It also gives extra information into field operations, such as which jobs take the most time and which take the least time, allowing managers to develop sales strategies and task prioritization. You can receive a precise total of the time spent working on each assignment or client meeting using an employee time monitoring software, including any breaks. 

Try the best field force tracking software. 

Lepton Software’s SmartTrack is a web application on-premise & cloud specifically for managers & mobile applications. It is for field force tracking with a Google maps interface that helps you increase operational efficiency & reduce cost.

It has a web application(premise & cloud) for managers that take care of beat plan Allocation To field force, live tracking of field force, dynamic job allocation, geofencing & delay alerts, beat plan adherence, and reports. Whereas mobile application for field force majorly lets you take care of beat plan visualization, optimized route to reach store/location, store check-in, and geotagging. SmartTrack can help you to plan the routes of your field workforce. 

In addition, visually compare routes against actual routes to identify bottlenecks. Also, it helps decrease sales cycle time and efforts of field staff. This application will help to track your sales employee and monitor field sales performance in real-time to take immediate actions with faster communication.

Managing a large field force is not easy. Observing what they do is one thing; teaching them how to achieve is quite another. There are several factors that determine whether a field team-based organization can exist. Customers are primarily concerned with the timely provision of high-quality services.

So to make the most out of your business performance, choose the best field force tracking application in the market. 

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