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How Vehicle & Field Force Tracking is helping companies become efficient

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With the majority of their vehicles or field force being out in the world, knowing what is happening on the ground becomes a difficult challenge for any business. It may lead to either the field force not performing up to the mark due to lack of monitoring or the actions not being optimized. In both such cases, a major loss of business occurs. Hence, vehicle and field force tracking is an integral part of efficient operations.

Via efficient use of GIS technology, a backend module and a network of connected apps, the following advantages can be derived from the use of this technology:

• Brings the field staff closer to the team enabling fast communication between them
Quick and effective communication is essential between field staff and the management team for seamless operations.

• Ensures better account management
With a seamless flow of data between the team, better account management is possible, making clients satisfied and happy with the service leading to boos in the team’s confidence.

• Automates attendance processes—field staff can punch in their attendance on fly
This reduces an additional step in the daily routine of field staff by negating the requirement of the reporting in the office each morning for attendance.

• Reduces fudging of transportation claims by the staff
With the ability to track the presence of a resource in real-time, or checking the routes of a resource on an old calendar date, reduction in hollow transportation claims will bring down monetary losses.

• Allows field force to upload field information in the form of text, photographs, voice, etc.
With high-speed internet connections available for people on the go these days, this feature can be integrated into the team application so as to prevent loss of data and cause minimum misplacement.

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This will also lead to a reduction in post fieldwork effort of resources which usually goes in reporting collected documents, photos, etc.

• Dashboard for management improves sales reporting providing a good view of the market conditions and predicting sales
This can lead to a lot of analytical insights which were earlier not possible or were too cumbersome due to the non-centralized reporting effort. Such analytics can help in figuring out the bottlenecks in operations and streamlining them.

• Service teams can be allocated jobs on the fly making sure customers are addressed on time
This leads to improvement in service turnaround time leading to happier customers.

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