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Smartly Plan Bank Branch/ATMs with Google Maps API

How Google Maps APIs can help banks plan their ATM/BRanch locations effectively

Life seems impossible without Google Maps helping us navigate in this fast paced world. We have all been using Google Maps for our daily commute, getting to that ‘much talked’ about food joint, a rushed meeting, etc; however, did you know Google Maps Platform can also help your business grow by generating more revenue by pushing more traffic towards your product?

Millions of apps, websites and businesses have integrated Google Maps to retrieve local data, give their users the best route for their travel plans and get full location access for users. With Google Maps, one can provide their application with full access to Google’s worldwide database of over 100 million business listings and points of interest with Google Places APIs. Directions API allows users to find their way to stores, hotels, bank branches, and other destinations without hassle. There are a number of Google Maps APIs to save our day, and one such API lets your users see where they’re going before they even get there with visually accurate Street View imagery. When businesses use the Google Maps APIs together, they bring the best of Google Maps to everything they build.

Banks can make full use of Google Maps to plan their ATM/Branch locations. Banking institutions are always in need of a solution which would help them find out the best location to open new branches and installation of ATM machines. The criteria of opening these branches depends upon several attributes like Demographic Details, Property Cost, Road Connectivity, etc. Banks also want to locate their competitor’s presence at the proposed location and analyse on the basis of demographic importance of that location.

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Google Maps APIs based Branch Locator solution helps users in knowing the services offered by the branch, operational hours, driving directions to the branch/ATM etc. One of the features of Branch Locator solution is that it helps users in finding ATMs/branches present within a defined geographical boundary on the Google Maps interface. Shortest driving and less traffic route to the searched Branch/ATM is also available with these APIs. Branch locator solution based on Google Maps can help bank management in easily adding new branches/ATMs or closing existing branches/ATMs due to lack of footfall.

Banks can benefit greatly in terms of business by using Google Maps. It helps in generating business, making the prospect/existing corporate and retail customers aware of the nearest branch/ATM. It also helps in substantially reducing transactional loss by paying competitors for each ATM transaction done by the bank’s customers on their ATM machines. There is greater customer retention and increase in revenue through better market reach.

Lepton Software has provided Location Intelligence solutions for ICICI Bank which has led to considerable increase in customer engagement and experience. Now customers can find ICICI Bank’s ATM/Branch in seconds without hassle. Following is the solution provided by Lepton for ICICI which is live and can be accessed on ICICI Bank’s website .

Lepton Solutions for ICIC Bank

Lepton’s Solution for ICICI Bank

  • Helps user in finding ICICI Bank’s branches and ATMs at a particular location.
  • User provides the input location around which one wants to look for ICICI bank’s branches/ATMs.
  • With the help of Google Maps APIs user gets autocomplete suggestions for the location while providing input for the location where one wants to search for branches/ATMs. Autocomplete suggestions for the location leads to better user experience.
  • When user selects one of the locations from the list of autocomplete suggestions, the location chosen by the user gets highlighted on the Google maps interface and a geographical boundary around that location gets drawn. All the branches and ATMs falling within that defined boundary get highlighted with different icons.
  • User can modify (increase/decrease) the radius of the boundary, according to which number of branches and ATMs falling within that area.
  • User can click on the branches/ATMs icons and know the details (branch Name, operational hours and facilities available) about that branch/ATM.
  • User can also find driving directions (detailed route), driving time and distance basis current traffic conditions from his current location to the specific branch/ATM.
  • It also has an option for the user to see total number of branches and ATMs for all the states of India.

If you are a bank or a financial institution and would like to know more about the our Location Intelligence Solution or try the demo, feel free to contact us at info@leptonsoftware.com

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