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Is It Worth Investing in a Google Maps Partner for Your Business?

Posted by: Tavishi Arora
Category: Blog, Google Maps Platform
Is It Worth Investing in a Google Maps Partner for Your Business

While data is truly the new oil of the business landscape, the success of your brand cannot depend on it. It is likely to be dependent on the why, how, and where these data points interact. 

With strains on the supply chain and other pandemic-driven challenges intensifying, companies face the highest expectations to date:

  • Flawless omnichannel user-experience
  • Increased operational excellence
  •  Ideal online and in-store experiences
  • Up-to-date with the latest customer preferences and trends
  • Exceptional customer service


All of these expectations require business leaders to invest in technology partners that can provide efficient solutions to boost the overall in-store experience. With the help of a trusted partner with good technical knowledge and expertise, they can put the right plan in place. 

Lepton is one such Google Maps Premier Partner that can support your strategic business expansion with robust location intelligence tools. 

If you’ve just started to explore location intelligence and its tools like Google Maps, it is highly recommended that you choose a Google Maps premier partner. These partners are technology and consulting firms that help Google reach out to larger audiences and deliver accurate solutions as per the needs of their clients. 

Choosing Lepton can help you in many ways like Google Maps Integration, resource optimization, and a lot more. Let’s understand the key benefits of choosing a Google Maps premier partner.



Cost Optimization 


Google maps have a consumption-based Pay As You Go model, where each API has defined pricing (volume-based). Today, you can visit Google Maps’ official website, add your credit card and activate your account to start consuming the services. 

Although, a caveat here is that you only have access to the most expensive 1st and 2nd pricing tiers which is not very cost-effective especially if your consumption is high. You also do not get real-time assistance in API implementation and since this is a consumption-based model, if the best practices are not accurately implemented, you could end up making redundant API calls which add up to the monthly consumption volume and thereby spike the bill. 


Here is how you benefit by onboarding with Lepton-


  1. Technical support in API implementation and optimization 
  2. Access to 7 tier pricing for all APIs which provides up to 90% discount
  3. Real-time technical support for troubleshooting queries
  4. Faster access to new updates 
  5. Solution/Feature development leveraging Google maps APIs


Google Maps partners like Lepton enable companies to overcome these challenges using solutions like Google Maps Platform or other similar solutions. 

Moreover, companies can also grab volume discounts through these partners which are otherwise not available directly. 



Tailored offerings


Google Maps Platform has three main categories–maps, routes, and places which include different APIs and SDKs. These APIs and SDKs help companies with Google Maps integration on their site and applications. 

Resellers like Lepton have an in-house consultation team to help you with Google Maps integration and other offerings in the same domain. They help you deploy the product as per your personal requirements and also keep you updated with new feature launches and product developments. 



Build robust apps 


In addition to getting all the information about the product, with Google Maps premier partners you also get the consultation and customization you need with your app development support. Partners like Lepton are well-equipped to help you embed Maps APIs with AI/ML capabilities in your products within the Google ecosystem.     

With round-the-clock support, you get guidance throughout the delivery phase and even beyond that.          



Extended tech support


There are times when your development team may face challenges and need some support to manage their daily operations and tasks as their applications start to scale. This is where we, as Google Maps premier partners come into action. Optimizing and monitoring API usage, and forecasting are some of the aspects that partner support covers. 

Moreover, insights from these partners can help you accelerate your marketing strategies based on the demographics of your target audience.



Stay updated with recent tech


With Google Maps premier partners like Lepton, you can stay updated with the latest trends in Google space. There are some product advancements that Google makes daily, and staying abreast with these advancements is imperative to the overall success of your business. 

Lepton keeps its clients updated with emailers and webinars on the recent happenings in the Google ecosystem so that customers can plan well in advance and stay competitive in the marketplace. 

These are a few of the many benefits that Lepton can offer its clients. As Google Maps premier partners, it is our aim to simplify and streamline Google Maps integration and provide best-in-class support and services to help them stay relevant and competitive in the market. 

If you are looking to implement location intelligence analytics for your organization, reach out to us for assistance. You can email us at info@leptonsoftware.com.

As Google Maps premier partners, it is our aim to simplify and streamline Google Maps integration and provide best-in-class support and services to help them stay relevant and competitive in the market.

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Author: Tavishi Arora
Tavishi is Product Marketing Manager-Sr. Content at Lepton Software. She is an Avid reader and writer!

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