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Let’s have a look at our Telecom Network Planning Tool

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For companies in the telecommunication domain, it is essential to use a tool to optimize their presence and network coverage. To achieve this, they require a platform to visualize their presence over a particular geographical area. Lepton Software has developed an innovative tool called Telecom Network Planning Tool to simplify automation for your network.

It is a pioneering tool for planning your network and helps in its effective and efficient management. Irrespective of the technologies used, the Telecom Network Planning tool enables telecom companies to optimize their clusters based on various business logics. It helps in obtaining real-time data about network coverage on a map-based system, which can be used to single out particular areas, helpful in fault detection and correction.

Apart from being the most technologically advanced planning tool for telecoms, out Telecom Network Planning Tool has the following benefits:

  • Being a very user-friendly tool, it is easy to operate and has a low response time for data fetching.
  • It reduces the time required for planning and ensures that manpower is efficiently used in more strategic tasks.
  • There is no need to buy expensive licenses like MapInfo, SmallWorld, ArcGIS etc. for each custom requirement of map. It offers a centralized Google GIS system which is scalable to adjust hundreds of users.
  • Remote access of the network for quick decision making on the go.
  • Reporting tools equipped with dashboards and in-depth analysis of network coverage. Very helpful in seeing the status of the network with the click of a button.

You need to look no further than Lepton Software to simplify and optimize your telecom network. Using our robust Telecom Network Planning Tool, you can ensure the best service for your customers without worrying about per person licensing. Get in touch with us at: marketing@leptonsoftware.com to know more.

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