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Branch Locator

SmartLocator also used as branch locator for businesses uses Google search feature to navigate users to the nearest store/office/branch. The solution allows users to search and filter out stores on the basis of services or product offerings across different working hours.

Key Features :

Public Interface:

  • Enterprise can share the location information to the system from the admin dashboard.
  • Helps users to explore global geographies on single screen without the need of addition of map data sources.
  • Google address search feature allows useres to locate themselves on the map.
  • Auto location capture on mobile or desktop device.
  • Commute option provides driving directions, drive time and closest POI(Point of interests) to navigate users to the nearest store/outlet.
  • Allocate relevant store/branch attributes on the map for customer convinience.
  • Takes user's suggestions, feedbacks and complaints.

Enterprise Interface:

  • Capture business inteligence data of most searched locations.
  •  Generate heat maps to understand the location potential.
  •  Suggests location potential to address the gap between future demands and supply.

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