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Integrate Google Maps for Work for your Insurance Firm. Here’s why.

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Google Maps offers the most powerful mapping technology to help your insurance firm work more efficiently. While working as a field force, it is possible for supervisor to locate and track each insurance agent and his/her activity. Through an extensive array of features, using a cloud-based content and process sharing tool, advisors can report their work through the application itself. This enables a convenient method of allocating new tasks and reviewing older ones. With an advanced and feature-heavy application, it may be easier for advisors to collaborate and update from the app itself. Since the system works on a map, it is easier to point to a location to plan the next route.

By exhausting the powers of Google Maps for your firm, you can evolve to have a more efficient claims process. By making better decisions based on location data, you get more productivity with improved claims management.

In this era where majority of search engine requests are made by mobile users, most of the sales are driven by local searches. By uploading all advisors’ locations on the map, it would be easier for customers to locate them in their vicinity. Listing your business through Google Maps for Work gives you a superior control over its settings and review management.

If you are looking to establish new insurance advisors in a particular area, you can do so by studying location data of the area. Get to know the best place to set up an office keeping in mind your competitors in the market. Google Maps will give you demographics of an area for you to analyze according to your needs. Having a grip on location is a major factor in determining customer satisfaction in the longer run.

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