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How Soil Maps can revolutionize agriculture industry

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Agriculture is a predominant industry in the rural economy which India is. It affects not only the financials of the country but also the human sentiments. Over the years, a lot has been happening to improve the techniques and technologies of crop production. One such advanced solution is Soil Maps.

Soil Maps has been created to map the terrains all over the country and provide a visual consolidation of data to improve agricultural output.


Some of the many applications of Soil Maps are as follows:
i.)     To record the soil types visually on map for ease of understanding the soil variation
ii.)    To study the changes in soil type over years for a given location
iii.)   To recognize previously uncharted territories and classify them
iv.)   To gauge the extent to which an area is inundated in case of floods
v.)    To see the area affected by drought and hence rendered useless for agriculture
vi.)   Combine the soil data with meteorological data to study how weather has affected soil types over the years and therefore, predict future trends to give ample time for judicious crop planning
vii.) To gauge which vegetation will suit what soil type and will require how much space
viii.)To check encroachment of agricultural land and its effects on soil types
This data can be combined with multiple map information layers to give vast number of insights. For example, it can be combined with population map data to see what is the density of population in a given soil type and which vegetation will not only suffice the local demand but also help improve local agricultural income by selling the same crop.
For more such insights and advanced location based data sets, you may get in touch with us at marketing@leptonsoftware.com

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