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How GIS Solution can help municipalities conserve water

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Water is one of the most essential resources required for human survival, and sadly, also the resource that’s conservation is mostly neglected. A lot of water gets wasted in its supply process itself. The major problems which lead to wastage of water are as follows:

i.) Undetected Leakages in Pipes

ii.) Linear routing of water to the locations: This may lead to more water being supplied to areas where the demand may not be so high and hence, cause a lack in supply to the areas where the demand is high.


The GIS solution can help in the following ways:

i.) Sensors can be placed at specific distances in the distribution network of pipes and the water pressure & volume difference can be gauge and placed on the map to quickly detect the leakages and take corrective measures.

ii.) Area wise demand can be gauged, by placing of apt sensors in the system and visualized on a map. The water can be distributed dynamically where the area having lesser demand received lesser water and their part of resources can be rerouted to the area having higher demand at a given time.


Therefore, GIS solutions can help in the conservation of a critically essential resource like water. To know what more such solutions can do, get in touch with us at marketing@leptonsoftware.com

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