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Defence Sector ICT Conclave 2024

Thank you for making the Defence ICT Conclave a success!

Event Highlights

We are grateful for your participation and enthusiasm during the event. Our CEO, Mr. Rajeev Saraf, shared invaluable insights on how Lepton Software is revolutionizing defence networks with cutting-edge GIS-powered solutions. Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Innovative Telecom Networks: Discover how our advanced GIS technology is enhancing the efficiency and reliability of defence telecom networks.
  • Digital Mobile Radio (DMR): Learn about the benefits of our DMR solutions for seamless and secure communication in defence operations.
  • 4G/5G Networks: Understand how our solutions support the deployment and optimization of 4G and 5G networks within the defence sector.
  • Optical Fiber Networks: Explore the role of our GIS tools in planning and managing robust optical fiber networks for defense.

Glimpses from 'Defence Sector ICT Conclave 2024' 📸

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