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In India, the company is a leading supplier of technology & services. They have one of the largest development centers in India. The technology Group in India employs over 31,000 associates and generated consolidated revenue of about ₨.18,300 crores in 2016.


The company developed a fleet telematics solution for one of their clients and they wanted to track & optimize the performance of their fleet, maintaining fleet using OBD devices provided by Bosch to their client.


Lepton worked with the company to integrate Google Maps Platform with their solution, help them route optimization and making the best use of Google Maps API.


Google Maps Platform has added value with its rich data available in India which is immense value to make this application successful and productive. This solution helped their client to save time, money and effort. They are able to track the health of the vehicle.

Lepton’s relation with Tech Provider

We have been working with the company during the period 2016 to 2017, and the organization increased the number of assets from 1600 to 10,000. We started working with the company since the testing phase of this application and have always provided support to ensure smooth implementation.

Customer Experience

As an ongoing support, we are helping them to understand the importance of reviewing health reports. We highlight and share in case anything needs to be optimized. We have provided the company with the support matrix to ensure proper support. We make sure to be in touch with the company to understand any challenge faced is immediately addressed.

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