Leading Beverage Manufacturer


They were planning to launch a new product in the premium category. They wanted to identify the business potential of that product in the defined blocks of Ahmedabad.


We computed lifestyle, demographics, and POI data for the defined blocks.
All the blocks were segmented using the weightages defined in consultation with the client.
Basis that segmentation and consumption’s assumption we were able to calculate business potential at the time of launch.


This allowed them to work-out an appropriate distribution and launch strategy at the outlet level.

Leading FMCG


Critically analyze & strengthen its distribution network in Gurugram.


Geo-coded their retailer network and computed demographic & POI data for defined blocks.
Analyzed if they are meeting the standards like Retailers per Lakh (RPL), etc.
This information was communicated to the client.


This allowed them to strengthen their distribution network.

Leading Electronics Retail


Expand their presence in Tier 2 cities. They identified specific locations in each city and asked us for a report for each location.


Their locations were mapped and a drive-time polygon of 30 minutes & 60 minutes was calculated for each location.
Pincodes intersecting with the polygons were identified & demographic data was computed in the intersected area.
This report was communicated to the client.


They are actively using it in the planning of a new store opening.

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Leading Consumer Goods Corporation


Optimize field marketing activities to avoid overlaps between different teams.


Deployed field force management and tracking solution to optimize field operations with intelligent beat plan and geofencing features.


Decrease overlaps and increases in field survey touchpoint thus leading to reduced “Go to Market” time frame.

Leading QSR Chain


Leading Indian company based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh which holding the master franchisee for Pizza giant in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. The company also has the franchise for leading Donuts restaurant chain in India.


The company wanted their customers to have a delightful experience by creating a visibility of order status along with adhering to their policy of 30 minutes or free. They also wanted the customer to see if their location is under the delivery zone from their nearest outlet.


Lepton worked with the company and provided a solution to overcome this challenge using Google Maps Platform.

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SmartInventory by NetworkAccess: The game-changer for fiber network management