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Why Data-driven Insights is Critical for Telco Success for 5G and Beyond?

Posted by: Tavishi Arora
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A Data-Driven Approach to Telco Success for 5G and Beyond

When observing common challenges faced by organizations around big data analytics, it is interesting to note how they differ from industry to industry. While banks and insurance companies struggle with conventional technologies, and retailers fight against unmanageable quantities, telcos face the wrath of data silos.

Let’s understand how data silos impact the telco industry and hinder its overall success.


Data silos: A stumbling block


Few telcos have managed to eliminate the traditional data silos to move towards incorporating big data strategy into their overall business action plan to better serve their customers and improve the overall experience. 

It is only after eliminating silos, that telcos will be able to achieve scale with big data and share it across organizations, enabling them to make more accurate predictions about the future–like 5G network needs, planning, and maintenance. 

With intelligent location intelligence solutions like neo360, businesses can do away with telco data silos and gain actionable insights by connecting data points from all departments like marketing, IT, finance, and more. 


Substandard customer service


It’s unfortunate that a lot of customers will recall having experienced a scenario where their service request with a provider was either duplicated or not registered at all. Consequently, customers have to inform the service providers that their complaints/requests have already been resolved. This siloed approach within departments is caused because of the lack of collaboration between departments. 

In such situations, service providers are so preoccupied with providing the services originally requested, that they lose sight of upselling or cross-selling opportunities. 

The point, however, is not limited only to poor customer service–but, also highlights the gaps between expectations and actual service delivery, as well as missed opportunities due to siloed approach. The Telecom sector mostly works on multiple consumer threads, leading to wastage of resources and eventually, inflated expenditure.

neo360 by Lepton allows you to have cohesion between multiple data points across varied business functions. Doing away with data silos can enable your departments to access vital data points from a single point of truth. 

These are two main challenges (of many) that the telecom sector faces because of data-related loopholes in the organization. 

Given the frantic pace at which 5G implementation is progressing, using wireless, real-time data to enhance speed and efficiency, as well as adopt early to external changes. The real challenge for 5G adoption, however, is not the hardware or software but rather the lack of tools necessary to attain a single credible source of truth. 

The next impactful disruption in the telecom sector will be caused by technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with intense data management capabilities, that go beyond aggregating information and producing actionable insights.


Advanced analytics for 5G success and beyond


Today, major telecom giants are harnessing the power of geospatial capabilities to identify the perfect and ideal business locations for 5G cells, and spot the best alternative for field operators and technicians to optimize network performance and coverage across changing pin codes. 

Smart location intelligence tools by a reliable service provider like neo360 allow operators to have end-to-end visibility of their business functions. The element of integrity these tools add to the data can facilitate intelligent customer targeting and service delivery, meaning businesses are now much better equipped to make strategic business decisions. 


Improved user-experience


When the telecom sector is planning to implement a 5G network, there are immense benefits that come along with improving location precision. For example, organizations that deploy fixed wireless services often find customers cancel their subscriptions due to signal interruptions and performance. These issues occur when sites are misaligned with the network assets. However, with location-based tools, providers are able to adapt their networks for signal consistency and serviceability across sites and structures. 

Customer expectations from network providers are rising through the roof–especially in the form of contractual obligations and SLAs (Service Level Agreements). This means that user experience will be at the heart of service delivery for network providers. 5G is meant for enterprise customers, and for the service cannot be “best efforts.” 

With tools that provide an at-a-glance analytical view through user-friendly dashboards and insights, providers can actually control the quality of service and get notified when thresholds are not met and so on. 


Automates business operations


Location intelligence with smart analytics can automate major business processes–making the workforce smarter, faster, and more efficient. With data visualization tools, businesses can identify recurring maintenance tasks, thus speeding up the collaboration process. 

Cutting to the chase, location-based tools and solutions can maximize revenues, improve the user experience and subsequently execute long-term solutions to tackle present and future challenges. 


Parting words: The bright future of 5G depends on powerful location intelligence tools


As the telecom sector works across the 5G spectrum, laying a strong network foundation with scalable, robust, modern data architectures is critical to building cost-effective, scalable networks.  

Real-time insights and data analytics give telecom organizations the superpowers they need to thrive in the highly competitive marketplace. High-quality data insights enable automation that reduces operational costs, optimizes capital allocation, and improves customer experiences. 


How does neo360 by Lepton Software add value?


  • Eliminate telecom data silos
  • Unify telco data and gain actionable insights
  • Ingest, analyze, and visualize disconnected data points
  • A one-stop platform that can be leveraged by all the major functions (Technology/Network, IT/Billing, Product, Marketing, Sales and Distribution, Customer Service)
  • Integrate and aggregate data from multiple sources and unify that data into coherent data streams

Check out how neo360 helps you gain inspiring geospatial insights by clicking here.

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Author: Tavishi Arora
Tavishi is Product Marketing Manager-Sr. Content at Lepton Software. She is an Avid reader and writer!
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