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What do Google Maps offer for your logistics business?

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Over the years, Google has become the most prominent and accurate platform for Maps. Google has standardized the map environment, giving a familiar and easy to use interface to its users. It has even started customizing the map interface to suit your industry’s requirements. From retail to telecom, Google has found a way to let companies unleash the power of location based services (including analytics) to help them run smoother operations across multiple domains.

When we talk of leading industries today, the name logistics pops up. Very little has been done to enhance this sector and companies are looking for efficient and effective changes to their daily processes to minimize wastage and in turn increase revenue. Let us analyze the various ways in which Google Maps can be a key factor in bringing a revolution in this stale sector.

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One of the major concerns in the logistics industry is to hold transporters accountable for their services. While there are many ways to ensure an efficient journey, nothing compares to a real-time and accurate tracking of vehicles. Telematics could be defined as the combination of telecommunication over a long distance, in this case with a moving vehicle. This is achieved by a ground-breaking integration of location and communication over a map-based platform. Knowing the real-time location of a vehicle along with communication gives fleet managers a virtual control of the shipments ensuring an efficient delivery system.

Traffic Management

Google not only provides a map-based platform, but is also a very renowned source of traffic information. Customer satisfaction in the logistics business is simply based on safe and on-time delivery of products to clients. Traffic management using Google Maps will help in taking pre-emptive decisions based on traffic information. It will show areas of high traffic density on the chosen route, for making smart decision for rerouting consignments.

Safety and Security

Anyone in the logistics industry would agree that while products are being shipped over distant destinations, safety of the driver, vehicle and shipment is of utmost priority. In case of theft or carjacking, having a real-time track of vehicles will prove to be most useful and will speed up the recovery process. In case of accidents or other emergency, a map based real-time system guarantees that help is sent at the right location quickly.

Google Maps Partner

Integration of location-based services, like Google Maps for Logistics, in your web or mobile application may sound like an easy task for your tech team but it is far from the truth. A lot can go wrong if you don’t do it right. Using the help and support of a certified Google Maps Partner will ascertain that you choose the right plan for your requirement, complete with all the support (both technical and otherwise) to successfully integrate a Google Maps API.

Lepton Software is a leading Google Maps Partner with over 20 years of experience in location services. You can get in touch with our team at marketing@leptonsoftware.com to find the right solution for your needs!

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