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Use MapInfo to make smarter business decisions

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MapInfo is an easy to use geographic information system (GIS) which helps business analysts gain new insights about their target market locations. It makes it easier to share demographic information on a map interface. With MapInfo, you can include very informative graphs and figures to assist you in making business decisions. It has been designed to be an interactive tool for simplifying the mapmaking process. MapInfo is the most powerful location and mapping analysis application from the experts in location intelligence.

Lepton Software is proud to be a longstanding MapInfo partner. We have helped many companies use MapInfo as a part of their daily operations for strategizing upcoming moves. We deal in the following products:

  • MapInfo Pro™
  • Spectrum Spatial for Business Intelligence
  • Spectrum Spatial Analyst
  • Map Basic
  • MapXtreme
  • MapInfo Pro™ Premium Services
  • Spectrum Enterprise Routing Module

Let’s have a look at some of the features which makes MapInfo a must-have tool for planning and expanding your business. To begin with, it is an extremely flexible mapping tool, which can be integrated directly into your existing IT systems. MapInfo supports all the popular data formats, for example, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Oracle SQL Server etc. which can be easily imported. It has outstanding data editing functions and unmatched data sharing capabilities.

MapInfo provides terrific map display options which can be used to mark boundaries, highways, fiber lines and other points. You can use it to your advantage by highlighting sales territories according to various parameters according to your requirements. This will help you in making better decisions based on location analytics.

You can get in touch with us to understand the various ways in which MapInfo can open new avenues for your business. Drop in an email with your requirements at: marketing@leptonsoftware.com or call us on: +91-124-4725500.

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