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Use Google Maps to generate demand for your products

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Ever since the introduction of Google Maps for business, companies have been looking for various methods to integrate the power of location-based services to increase sales. Using Google Maps APIs for driving sales has become a game-changer in the retail business. Gone are the days when opening a new branch was based around generally assumed trends, now Google does the research for you!

The first step towards demand generation is knowing your target customers. To open a retail outlet in any locality, it is essential that you study trends of the population. Say, if your product is primarily targeted at females between the ages of 16-25, who are well educated, then you will need to analyze demographics and customer shopping behavior. By integrating census data with maps, you can visually analyze locations within a criterion of gender, age, literacy, income, etc. This will enable you to place the product at strategically chosen locations. 

Another important advantage of implementing Google Maps API is that it makes your brand more approachable and searchable for customers. Users can navigate to your company’s location, given you an edge over your competitors.

Insights obtained using Google maps help you allocate advertising budgets better, getting more eyes on your promotional material.

Geographical data helps you visualize trends in customer behavior. This would help in optimizing new store locations. You will gain a head-start before opening a new outlet by studying location-based demographics. Leading FMCG companies have exhausted the features of such services to generate more demand for their products.

At Lepton Software, we make this easier for you. Being a certified Google Maps partner in India, we help in providing you with APIs that suit your requirement. In the past, we have helped leading FMCG, and retail companies generate demands and make plans for future expansion through location services.

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