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Telecom Network Inventory Management Software

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SmartInventory: Telecom Network Management Software

SmartInventory is a unified web & mobile-based telecom network inventory management application(on premise & cloud) which enables enterprises to create, visualize & update their inventory from anytime, anywhere. The user will access the solution either through intranet or internet for creating, updating, viewing ISP, OSP & other use-cases. The committed transactions from users will be stored in an internal database for later viewing and analysis.

SmartInventory: Network Inventory Management Software

It can also be integrated with any other enterprise systems namely CRM, Wireless Traffic & NMS to realize all the use-cases. Every network resource, whether physical or logical is modeled in SmartInventory using the concept of software objects, which are stored in the database. The inventory object model is customizable and can be extended to meet specific/evolving requirements.

SmartInventory can be deployed as a standalone system such as a documentation system or network planning solution. However, the real value of SmartInventory comes from integrating it with other OSS components like customer care, work-flow engines, service activation and workforce management as part of a provisioning or service assurance solution.

It stands as a common platform for Network & Business Professionals providing a comprehensive view of network assets from one window to all the parties and eliminates asset reconciliation, reducing asset audit time.

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