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Get a holistic view of all infrastructural projects in India–from conception to completion 

Seize new business opportunities with Lepton’s InfraNow solution
infrastructure project data

Get useful insights on all stages of an infrastructure project

New opportunities: Every day in India, there are a number of infrastructural developments that are announced. Lepton’s InfraNow solutions refine this data for businesses to grab new opportunities.

Upcoming projects: Not only the new projects, but InfraNow also keeps you posted on all upcoming developments too. This way, you can be better prepared for future projects.

Tenders and contracts: InfraNow lists down the tenders and contracts floated by public and private companies.

Analytics and data: InfraNow runs robust analytics on infrastructural data in the form of surveys, and the aggregates are then made accessible to the users through the dashboard.

Get business-ready information and more

Give your business a competitive edge with InfraNow

Strategic Business Expansion

Strategic Business expansion

Identify new business opportunities for your products and services.

Market Research and Analytics

Market Research and Analytics

Discover gaps and threats in the marketplace to modify your offerings and amplify revenue.

Predictive Planning

Predictive Planning

Ensure business continuity and build strategic marketing plans by preparing in advance.

Engineering and Deployment

Engineering and Deployment

Access detailed information on projects to efficiently deploy related resources and make the most of this data.

Maintenance and Operation

Maintenance and Operation

Manage your day to day operations in sync with the extensive infrastructure data to capitalize the same.

Sales Prospecting

Boost your sales pipeline by gathering fresh leads and accurate prospect data.

Filter Refine Process Your search based on various sectors and industries





Oil & Gas



Other Data Sets Offered

  • Populace
  • Household Profile
  • Town and Village amenities
  • Literacy
  • Administrative boundaries
  • India Pin
  • Locality+
  • Land use and land cover
Audience & Mobility
Audience & Mobility
  • Footfall data
  • Lifestyle
  • Device data
  • Behavior data
Point of Interest
  • Landmarks
  • Business establishments
  • Buildings
  • Retail Stores


  • Road Network
  • Railway coverage
  • Public Transit
  • Junction View


  • Landmarks 3D
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Indoor Maps
  • Toll Plaza data
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