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Saving more with the new Google Maps API billing cycle

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The transition from Google Maps API to Google Maps Platform has at the very least stirred, if not agitated business owners. In a bid to move away from the existing prepaid subscription, Google Maps has shifted over to a pay-as-you-go model. The larger control overpaying for only what you use rather than the entire platform in one fell swoop is a welcome move for developers and businesses alike. While the rest of the world saw the transition occur in July 2018, the changes for India, Brazil, and Canada are slated for the end of 2019 and early 2020.

The previous Google Maps API model had two plans – a standard plan and a premium plan. The premium. The standard plan allowed for some free usage per day and chargeable additional usage that was billed on a monthly basis. This was most suitable for small-scale businesses as well as a niche B2B market. Most enterprises, however, chose the premium plan that did not have a daily cap usage (an annual prepaid subscription model). Enterprise partners chose Premier Partners like Lepton to handle their billing and usage for optimization. While the enterprise users will remain largely unaffected by the new model, standard plan customers will see significant changes. 

In December 2018, the prices for enterprise users in India significantly dropped, allowing for more customers to onboard with a partner or directly with Google. With this price drop, those who were previously stifled by the upfront payment cycle can now easily leverage the full value of Google Maps Platform and test the waters as they go (a real boon for the start-up segment). With $200 of free credit per month, standard users can remain within the system if their expected leads and acquisitions would fall below $6.67 daily usage limit. However, if you are looking at significantly higher numbers opting for working out the challenges with a Google Premier Partner like Lepton may the right solution for you. 

If you are an existing Google Maps Platform user who has seen significant rises in credit bills, there may be ways in which you can optimize your usage. Support from Google as well as a Google Premier partner can help you understand the nuances, as this payment cycle is a pay-for-what-you-use model and need not be expensive. Moreover, partnering with Lepton allows you to unlock discounts based on volume. Lepton is the oldest and largest Google Maps partner in India, and initial adapters have seen a 70% reduction in billing through Lepton’s consultancy. With tremendous expertise, Lepton provides you the assurance of technical support for all your technical and admin queries as well.

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