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Save More with the New Google Maps API Billing Cycle

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Stay on budget with google maps platform flexible pricing and daily quotas. 

To move away from the existing prepaid subscription, Google Maps Platform has shifted towards a pay-as-you-go model, which means now you will pay only for what you are using while having larger control over your payments. While the rest of the world saw this transition occur in July 2018, the changes for India, Brazil, and Canada happened at the end of 2019 and early 2020.

As of 2023, the Google Maps Platform provides a monthly credit of $200 for Maps, Routes, and Places. That equates to 28,500 map loads every month at no cost. Discover Google Maps use cases for free with the $200 monthly credit. Receive Google support and get access to community-based platforms and development help via Stack Overflow and the Maps API Public Issue Tracker. In addition, get tier-based coverage for up to 24-hour professional help.

Google Maps Platform API Pricing and limits

According to Google, a $200 monthly credit is sufficient to meet the demands of practically all consumers. However, you could decide to pay just for the options you utilize. Let us examine them more closely.

Tariffs on Maps Platform 

The pricing plan for Google Maps Platform:

Name  Price Per RS. 1000 request Mobile 
Static Maps+ $2 Free
Dynamic Maps+ $7 Free
Static Street View $7
Dynamic Street View $14

The Google Maps pricing plan for Routes:

Name Price
Directions $5 per 1000 requests
Directions Advanced $10 per 1000 requests
Distance Matrix $5 per 1000 elements
Distance Matrix Advanced $10 per 1000 elements
Roads – Route Traveled $10 per 1000 requests
Roads – Nearest Road $10 per 1000 requests
Roads – Speed Limits $20 per 1000 elements

The Google Maps pricing plan for Places:

Name Price per 1000 requests
Geocoding $5
Autocomplete $17
Place Details $17
Find Place $17
Place Photos $7
Current Place $30
Geolocation $5
Time Zone $5

Google Maps, Routes, and Places provide high-volume price reductions to corporate clients. You can get in touch with the sales department for further information.

Cost Bump for Businesses

Regardless of use, all companies must have a valid API key and a Google Cloud Platform billing account. These are the requirements for receiving the free $200 credit, which grants access to dynamic and static maps. The credit line also provides developers with simple access to the Google Maps Platform’s Routes and Places products. The increase in price has damaged businesses, particularly those that cater to specific niches and have a small user base.

When a company’s free credit limit of $200 exceeds, the balance payment is charged to their credit card. Google does not change the pricing structure for different countries, keeping the cost the same throughout the world.

To illustrate, if you create a simple map with a marker, say to indicate a certain spot, you will continue to receive it for free under the new arrangement. However, if you use the Embed API in Directions, Views, or Search mode to create a more complicated product, you will be charged. Even refreshing the map with new location information is considered a separate call.

The Google Maps API price increase could be devastating to small businesses, however, some developers believe that the benefits provided by Google are strong enough to justify the increase. Because Google Maps uses real-time data from its huge user base, it is constantly updated, with over 25 million changes and over 20 million user contributions in a day. It offers an optimal experience across devices and companies to continue using it despite the boost in prices and the availability of other open-source options. Development teams like Google Maps have unique characteristics in terms of UX and interaction.

If you are an existing Google Maps Platform user who has seen significant rises in credit bills, there may be ways in which you can optimize your usage. Support from Google, and Google Premier Partner- Lepton Software, can help you understand the nuances, as this payment cycle is a pay-for-what-you-use model. Moreover, partnering with Lepton Software allows you to unlock discounts based on volume. We are the oldest and largest Google Maps partner in India, and through our services, initial adopters have seen a 70% reduction in their billing. With tremendous expertise, we provide you with the best technical support for all your technical and admin queries. 

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