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Case Study

neo360 empowers a leading Telco in India to harmonize its Network Performance with Sales & Distribution channel KPIs

About Customer

A leading Telecom company with a pan-India integrated GSM operator offering 2G, 4G, 4G+, VoLTE, and VoWiFi services.

Business Challenge

The Telecom was dealing with a slew of data points ranging from Network Inventory, Operations Support System (OSS), Business Support System (BSS), Call Data Records (CDRs), Business KPIs, Network KPIs, Customer Data (CRM), Churn Data, Crowdsourced Data to Customer Behavioural Data. The Telco operator was grappling with siloed data resulting in a lack of a unified view of the data for meaningful analysis and decision making. The operator needed a platform that could cater to the data analysis of both the Network Performance and the business team’s requirements.

neo360, The Game Changer

With the neo360 suite in place, the Telecom company can now correlate various data points from sources such as complaints, RF Cell data, churn data, Net Promoter Score, Facebook. Armed with powerful data, the customer can establish meaningful connections amongst primary, secondary, and tertiary data and make business decisions that can improve customer experience, analyze potential new offerings, reduce customer churn rate, and reduce truck rolls through proactive customer care.

Business Outcomes

Root cause Analysis of performance degradation:

  1. The Telecom is now able to set targets for distributors, and also it helps the network teams to target the areas where distributor’s performance is getting affected because of the poor network performance.
  2. Identifying exact reasons for Customer Churn is now possible by establishing the correlation between churn and Network. The correlation unearths gaps such as competitor marketing, poor network performance, and inadequate distribution channel performance. The actionable insights enable the respective team to relook at strategies for course correction.
  3. Ability to ringfence the key areas for maintaining performance standards

Increased operational efficiency:

  1. Enormous reduction in time spent on data collection and analysis resulting in 70% increase in efficiency.
  2. A converged view of the network on 8 different geographical layers.
  3. There are about 250+ active users within the company leveraging interactive dashboards to track over 280+ KPIs.
  4. neo360’s auto audit mails send out prompt alert notifications to respective users.

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