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Map Your Business Online With Income By Zip Code

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Market Location have the ability to identify a business’ best customers and then match these with other similar profiled businesses that look just like them. Using propensity modelling they can also identify and supply similar businesses which may not match your immediate customer profile however based on our expertise and analysis techniques, we can score them as having a propensity to be viable prospects for your products and services.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, you need to take advantage of every tool at your disposal to establish and maintain an edge in the marketplace. For that matter, make best use of demographic data. Map your business online includes demographic data such as population and household income by ZIP code or country. Compare your sales numbers, mail response rates, or fund raising efforts against demographic maps and identify previously hidden opportunities and potential challenges.Compare your business data to household income by ZIP code for better market penetration, share map views through map presentation and printed maps.Export demographics data to use in other marketing and sales planning programs.

Lepton Software is a Premier Google Maps partner in India, Middle East and Singapore who has supported 500+ companies in their growth journey since its inception. Lepton is leader in Location Analytics, Map Data and Geospatial consulting practise across multiple business verticals such as Telecom, FMCG, Logistics & Transportation, Govt, Retail, IT and Automotive etc.Lepton has developed Google Map for Business centric Geospatial Engine to help telecom companies manage Network Inventory, Improve feasibility results, optimize Field force operations resulting in automation of processes, better control over mundane tasks and reduced overhead costs. Lepton has helped organization in their Business network expansion , Sales force tracking and optimization of their beat plans, Location Analytics and customer retention activities with its sophisticated Google Map based solutions.

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