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The Top 6 Advantages of Using Location Intelligence for the Retail Industry

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Influences on Retail Site Selection

With Location Intelligence, you can overlay competitors’ locations on top of dynamic maps, which enables you to demonstrate population and demographic aspects while gaining a clearer understanding of the total impact of a proposed site. Furthermore, you can investigate a single neighborhood to have a good grasp of the community’s precise traffic patterns.

Optimized Navigation and On-Time Delivery

By using retail location intelligence, you can provide your drivers with an overview of their day. This will make it easy for them to change their route plans and arrive at their destinations on time. Aside from precise delivery location information, the program also offers current/historical data. In this way, you will be able to plan routes that represent the needs of your fleet and modify them in real-time based on traffic conditions and other factors.

You can better understand driver positions, ETAs, and possible difficulties as they develop if you have insight throughout the fleet. This can lead to fewer delays, more knowledgeable drivers, and satisfied customers.

Optimized Navigation and On-Time Delivery_
Improved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Service

By measuring foot traffic at your location, LI allows retailers to provide proximity notifications to their customers.

Whether online or offline, it helps businesses improve customer service and other business operations.

Highlights Expansion Potential

Location intelligence for the retail sector can also assist in the discovery of optimal sites by assessing regions of interest and their sales potential. It is a necessary tool for market research and detailed competitive analysis. Moreover, Location Intelligence assists in identifying external factors that affect the performance of your present and future enterprises.

Highlights Expansion Potentials
Predicting Future Occurrences

Predicting Future Occurrences

Retailers can forecast what consumers in their area are likely to buy, what their potential customers prefer to buy, and what they would be willing to buy even at higher costs by employing customer location and location-based insights. It is a potent tool for retail analytics, allowing retailers to gain insights into consumer behavior and tastes based on where they are, leading to better marketing strategies and operations.

Learn More About Customer Behavior

With Location Intelligence, you can assess consumer behavior and gain a better understanding of future customers. You can also use it to monitor people’s movements in specific areas to see whether there is enough foot traffic to warrant operating a company there.

learn more about customer behavior

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