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Location Intelligence: the missing piece
in your FMCG puzzle

The Top 6 Advantages of Using Location Intelligence for FMCG

market analysis for FMCG using LI

Market analysis

When it comes to optimizing operations, FMCG companies tend to place a great deal of emphasis on distribution, logistics, and consumer behavior.

That is why with location intelligence, FMCG companies can gain a deeper understanding of demographics, purchasing patterns, and competitiveness in the marketplace. Make better decisions about where to place stores, distribute products, and spend marketing dollars.

Supply chain optimization

Get in-depth knowledge about external variables and influence stores, enterprises, and overall performance with LI. 

Location intelligence for the FMCG sector can optimize the supply chain by determining the most effective routes for shipping goods and possible bottlenecks. In addition, it tracks the driver’s behavior, fuel economy, and vehicle speed while on the road.

Supply chain optimization for FMCG
FMCG Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation

Location intelligence can help FMCG companies segment their customer base by places, enabling them to tailor their marketing and sales efforts to specific regions or neighborhoods.

In addition, with the help of LI, combine location data with demographics to identify new segments and assess demand for existing and new products.

Targeted marketing

Locate high-potential sales locations while targeting marketing efforts in a particular region with location intelligence and expand your business reach and sales while reducing marketing expenditures. 

Moreover, analyze foot traffic to current and prospective OOH ad sites to guarantee greater visibility and ROI for your marketing campaigns.

Targeted marketing
Inventory management

Inventory management

Calculate the extra storage area required to replenish products. Create floor-by-floor 3D maps of companies for product storage and where to handle new consignments to avoid stock-outs or excess stock.

With location intelligence, optimize inventory levels by identifying high-demand areas while ensuring it has sufficient stock.

Real-time data

Get a variety of location data with the benefit of real-time intelligence, such as traffic patterns, weather conditions, and population migrations. Help your business and make more informed operational decisions. 

For example: if a natural catastrophe affects your transportation routes, location intelligence can assist your business in identifying alternate routes and making appropriate supply chain modifications.

real time data

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