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The company is a leading Indian MNC headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, and was founded in 1990. The company’s FY 2018 revenues were at US$567.64 million and it has 31 offices spread across 16 countries.


Lepton worked with KPIT to solve a major challenge for the two-wheeler market. India is now the world’s biggest two-wheeler market and it is a challenge to navigate for the rider.


Lepton has helped KPIT with the process of Google Maps Platform Integration integration from start and continues to work with them every step of the way.


KPIT is the first company in the world to provide turn by turn navigation on a purpose-built Display Module for two-wheeler with their product Maximus Pro. This gadget solves a major problem for riders to navigate smartly and to be connected with each other while touring on their motorcycles.

Lepton’s relation with the MNC

Lepton understood their requirement and took this case to the Google auto team as the first use case in India of such kind. We went through the process of getting all the approvals and making this product successful by coordinating with their team in Korea and Japan. We worked with Clinton Libby from Google to make this relationship a success.

Customer Experience

We are committed to provide a quarterly health check on google maps license API consumption and to make sure that their API utilization is optimized. We have provided them a support matrix to ensure no delay in case of any concern.

Additional Impact

With the launch of Maximus pro, it became talk across the Biker community and articles were published by Bikewale, AutoNDTV and many more.

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