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Introducing Smart Feasibility: A Telecom Network Feasibility Tool

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In the telecom industry it is essential to accomplish as many connections while reducing the number of errors. The telecom network feasibility tool is capable of performing all types of feasibility-technology through one platform. It is a web-based tool used to increase the number of feasibility for users on a network.

A Web based telecom network feasibility tool (SmartSQ) that increases the number of feasibility for internal network teams, Enterprise and Residential customers. It facilitates on-site real-time update of Physical Utilization of Cable for each new customer and has the capability to do all kinds of feasibility- Technology and Product wise, through a single platform. The solution directly increases the number of feasibility for broadband manifold, reduces response time and thereby increases the revenue.


  • Provides instant access to last mile quotations for countries where supplier rate card or API to supplier’s tool is available.
  • Reduces TAT for quotation reverts by the Global Team
  • Past Feasibility search capability
  • Capability to provide unique quote ID for future references
  • Performs Wireline, Bandwidth, Wireless, Wi-Max and Ultra-Fast Bulk Feasibility
  • Provides different technology coverage analysis on different heights at the customer end
  • Shows the best feasible option (highest building or existing tower) available for LOS within the defined territory in the form of a radial distance


  • View bulk feasibility in a single click
  • Reduce L1 feasibility time
  • Check any feasibility report with Google Earth visualization
  • Generate Fiber and Copper utilization reports
  • Select network products with sub-products
  • Search address, check feasibility status and cost details in just simple steps

leptonsoftware.com is a market leader in India for Telecom network feasibility tool facilitates on-site real-time update of physical utilization of cable.

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