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Introducing an innovative tool to help users locate your dealerships

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In this day and age when everything is going online, what’s stopping your business? We seldom see anyone asking for directions anymore, everyone has a personal, hand-held navigator in their pockets. Let us see how you can use this for your advantage.

Many leading banks in India have used our software to integrate an ATM locator in their web and mobile applications. Through our services your bank can accurately position the location of ATMs on the familiar platform of Google Maps. It allows users to search for respective ATMs in their locality. If they’re on a mobile/tablet, they can use it to navigate to the ATM as well. It provides convenience to your customers and allows for a seamless experience.


Is it limited to just location?

This comprehensive tool allows your location to be visible to anyone using Google Maps services but it does much more. You can manage reviews of the place in one place, ensuring its reputation is maintained.

With powerful analytics tools, which you can embed within the application, it gives you a clear picture of user’s activity on the map. This allows you to track the entire experience of a user as they interact with your map. With metrics like time spent, cursor location, zoom location, eye ball tracking etc. it would allow you to understand users’ behavior based on location of your ATM/branch.

Another added advantage is that this enables the collection of business intelligence data of user activity, to be used for future expansion. Having a strong grasp on location would help in strategically setting up new branches at ideal locations.


Your next branch, done right!

Our innovative solution helps in different fields of life. For example, it can be used as a dealer locator by customers of an automobile company or can be used by the company itself to plan its dealer network expansion based on the location insight it gains from its existing dealerships and the dealerships of its competitions.

Give your users the convenience of locating the nearest possible branch of your business. It has extensively been used by companies in the FMCG and retail sector. Get in touch with us to know what how you can harness the potential of branch locator for your enterprise.


SmartLocator does the work for you

SmartLocator is an out of the box innovative solution used as branch locator for businesses to facilitate their users with their store/office locations, allowing them to provide their current locations using powerful address search facility by Google and reaching out to stores near them. System allows users to search and filter out stores on the basis of services or product offerings across different working hours. Powerful address search facility from Google Places API, allow users to type in their address and system allows them to locate themselves on the map.


You can get in touch with Lepton Software, a location based software provider, to know more about how to integrate SmartLocator in your web or mobile application.

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