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Integrate the power of rfMap-3D Geodata to your 5G Network Planning

Posted by: Vivek Sharma
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power of rfMap-3D Geodata to your 5G Network Planning

Lepton Software brings to you a high-quality and accurate rfMap-3D Geodata tool. It empowers the Telecom industry and leading network providers to enhance and deliver seamless as well as comprehensive high-speed 5G connection structure across locations.

5G network is the next best transformational move to meet the fastest growing demand for high-speed wireless connections.

What is 5G Network and how it works?

Millimetre Spectrum Waves | Operates on higher frequencies | Low response time | Faster speed by nearly 10 times | Best suited for densely populated areas | Massive device connectivity

But, with advantages come the challenges.

  • It has less coverage span (300-500mtr.)
  • Its frequency signals are easily hindered by line-of-sight issues
  • It requires to set up thousands of cell sites/ transmitters
  • It requires various intensive physical site surveys, adding costs & lead times

Above all, it needs a detailed and exclusive geospatial data set to overcome all these challenges. While it was easy and simple to plan 2G/3G/4G with minimum details and low-resolution 2D data, 5G planning is no similar. It effectively simulates your data into digital, high-resolution 3D representation by evaluating and analyzing geo-specific insights and topological observations by correlating datasets and elevation models. Leading you to envision a whole new perspective and outlook for your business.

Hence the solution, rfMap-3D Geodata from the house of Lepton Software.

Access exemplary digital-elevation data sets for 3D visualization, run simulations, and develop dynamic location-based experiences put together in rfMap-3D Geodata solution. Enabling mobile operators make swift and scrupulous decisions founded on the leading-edge advantages rfMap-3D Geodata offer. Such as minimizing revenue, delightful yet customized customer experience, location-driven predictions & solutions to strengthen and optimize network planning.

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Offerings & advantages of rfMap-3D Geodata

  1. Expertise: Extracts location-based high-definition 3D data sets of objects like trees, buildings, etc. solving line-of-sight issues.
  2. Precision: Reduces the number of physical site surveys, supports on-sight investigations, optimal placement & adjustment of network structure in a minimum time span.
  3. Value-added: Boost wireless broadband services, control & secure network investments, cost-effective, visibility of 5G sites for maximum benefits.

rfMap-3D Geodata Success Rate

Mapped: US, Asia, Middle East & Africa | Total Area: 33,600+ square kilometers

Why Lepton?
Global leader & pioneer in location analytics & intelligence solutions | 25+ years of experience | Serving 12+ industries | A team of 300+ data analysts, software engineers & digital cartographers.

Locate opportunities and gain a competitive edge to plan 5G Network with rfMap-3D Geodata.

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** https://www.visualcapitalist.com/5g-next-generation-mobile-connectivity/

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