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If you own a travel business, here’s why you must integrate Google Maps

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If your company falls in the travel or tourism domain, you must integrate Google maps in your web/mobile application. Google has made it very easy to build a travel plan on Google maps by using a very interactive and user-friendly environment. Clubbed with a familiar and easy to use platform, making travel plans has never been easier.


Develop a travel application for travelers

You need to ensure that the end-user of your location based service is satisfied by the experience of your application. To ensure this, there need to be convenient tools providing travel information to the travelers on the go. You can do this by integrating a Google Maps API on your application. This can allow you to give one single platform for all travel needs. Update clients with reminders, suggest routes, restaurants etc, track their travel itinerary and ensure their safety in a remote location. A customer would need a seamless experience with everything at his/her disposal to be satisfied.


Use third party data to have better engagement

Another key feature of making travel plans on Google is integration of third party data. You can use data like real-time weather, places of interest, log book etc. to drive customer engagement on the application. The application can also be used to implement an in-app-chat with your customers, thus enabling you to respond faster to their queries.


Customize Google Maps according to your needs

One of the most useful tools for planning a travel itinerary is the ability to customize Google Maps. It is perfect for visualizing various route options between two or more destinations. This helps you make a tailor-made journey suiting your clients’ requirements. You can even look at traffic data to plan the best possible route, saving time. Google has integrated flights and trains into their APIs. This enables you get everything on one platform for the convenience of your clients.


Analyze travel trends to plan for the future

By using the vast expanse of data collected by your travel app, you can extend its functionality to make profitable decisions. One such application is the feature to sell offers based on location of your clients. You can collaborate with tourist hotspots like adventure sports, cafes, restaurants and others to give in-app deals for a mutually beneficial relationship. Use frequently travelled destinations to expand your business to more preferred locations. Identify areas of tourist interests and grab opportunities to scale your business accordingly. Google provides very powerful location data and analytics tools for this purpose.


There is no limit to how you can integrate the features of Google Maps. Use feedback of your clients to understand better the tourists and make changes to routes and destinations accordingly. To integrate Google Maps API for your travel business, you will need to get in touch with a Google Maps partner. Lepton Software is a certified Google Maps partner in India and Dubai, providing leading travel companies with these APIs for their usage. You can check out other features and services offered by them here.

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