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How to truly get prepared for providing a great Voice Experience to your customers

Posted by: Chhavi
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 Say hello to John!

A network engineer working for a giant telco operator. He strives hard everyday to provide insights that could help in improving the Voice Experience for the customers. 

John’s Every Day Challenges
  • Unable to correlate network performance and customer experience.
  • More time spent on data collection than on analysis.
  • Difficulty in tracking the before and after changes in user experience.
  • No access to real-time monitoring.
  • Difficulty in visually representing the cause code analytics.
  • Comparing data across sources and creating actionable insights.
Introducing VoLTE Nsights: The Immersive Analytics  tool for VoLTE Analytics


Now with Lepton’s Nsights, John can conduct what-if analysis, unearth actionable insights and monitor VoLTE calls real-time and also share the analysis easily with the field teams and management.

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  • Ease of Data Correlation
  • 100% reduction in Manual Efforts
  • Analysis at a single click
  • Easy and flexible report generation and collaboration
Nsights Performance Features

A geographical visualisation of correlated KPIs along with the charts and tables. 

Click to Filter

Find out the worst affected areas and also worst performing entities.

CC Nsights

A CDR analytics use case. Dive deep into the cause codes that occurred in the network.

Cause-code Analysis
Automated Mail Notification

Custom design reports with KPIs from various sources such as CDRs, OSS and probes.


Custom design reports with KPIs from various sources such as CDRs, OSS and probes.

Delivering Customer Delight

John is now able to truly think beyond Network KPIs and contribute towards a better NPS. He is the North Star in his team when it comes to VoLTE Analytics!

  • Assuring the highest levels of VoLTE performance
  • Improved user experience 
  • Overall troubleshooting costs reduced
  • Accelerated time-to-market

Become a Star just like John!

Think beyond Network KPIs and contribute towards a better NPS.

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