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How to enhance online customer engagement using data products

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When we think of online customer engagement, we concentrate on the user’s experience on your web application. While it is essential to give each user an enriching experience of the application, it is equally important for that experience to be unique and personalized to the user. This can be accomplished by running targeted campaigns based on user’s online behavior. This would focus on the user’s online presence. Another important and somewhat underrated method to achieve this is by using the location of the user for analytics.


For companies running very specific products for their audiences like the FMCG and retail sector, it is very important to analyze the behavior and trends of their customers from a particular area. It is crucial to have a stronghold on the statistics of a population of a particular region. This is where census data maps come into play. Using them, you can target your ad campaign around the type of population you want to target.
Common categories in census data map include:
• Average age and age distribution of a region
• Gender ratio based on age group
• Average income to understand spending power
• Literacy rate, which helps comprehend the relevance of product and use of internet
Using more data products, you can gain advanced insights in the population’s demographic data to enrich their online experience. By running geographically-targeted advertisements for a particular area-set, you make sure that the right audience sees the right type of content. Apart from giving them a flawless user experience on your web or mobile application, you need to give them content they can relate to. It is only through relevant content or offers that users will interact with the application, explore more features, improve their experience and lead to a more enhanced online customer engagement.
The use of census data maps in the advertising and broadcasting industry cannot be ignored. If you have a stronghold on the location analytics of a region, you can easily anticipate the behavior of your products and services. Let us take the example of an FMCG retail company launching a mobile app for the rural sector. To have a clear forecast of its performance, they employ a team to study the census data map and find suitable areas of young, literate populations. The areas shortlisted are then further studies either by using other data products or sending a team to examine the scenario. Once the area is finalized, the insights of the research can be further used to plan an efficient online customer engagement activity in the future.
To efficiently integrate the services of a census data map to achieve online customer engagement, you would require an experienced leader in the location industry. Lepton Software is a world-renowned name in the location industry, specializing in location analytics and mapping. We provide all types of mapping solutions to help give value to your brand. Reach out to our team to know more about our products and services. Write to our team at: marketing@leptonsoftware.com or call us on: +91-124-4725500

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