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How software has made vehicle tracking easy for police

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Tracking of assets has been an integral part of not only solving criminal cases but averting them in the first place. Many organized crime networks also use a standard operating procedure to make transactions of illegal entities and money. Thus to crack them down, police track not only the human suspects but also suspicious vehicles involved in carrying out crimes.

Earlier, police used manual methods only to track the suspect. This required a team of personnel to constantly monitor the suspect and this often leads to losing on suspects due to maximum human involvement. Now, with enhancement in technology, this task has become majorly automated. The police can covertly place a tracking device on suspect vehicle and it can be traced in real-time through the signal which the tracker emits. The location data received in the form of latitude and longitude can be traced on a digital map to ease visualize perception of the received location data,

making it easier for the police to see the location on the map and make spontaneous yet informed decisions to take action, if required, against the tracked vehicle.

To know more about how GIS technology helps our civil safety organizations get in touch with us at marketing@leptonsoftware.com.

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